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Hiya Mindful Tribe!

I know I will not/HNAT be the only one sending you a big holiday gift guide but this is the perfect time for me to share all my fave products with you that I recommend to clients, family, and friends. Refer back to this whenever you need…. I’ll be adding to this as the season progresses.

Okay, let’s get on with the gift guide, that’s why you’re here! I’ve broken them down into categories for easier reading:


K-Tec Blender: If I could only have one appliance in the kitchen, a 3-HP blender would be it. I can HNAT live without mine and this is the one I have. Some peeps prefer Vita-Mix and sometimes you can get them for a good price at Costco or HomeGoods. I love the K-tec blender since it’s a culinary work horse, it’s square and easy to clean + a lil cheaper than VM. I just bought my new one 2 years ago because my OG had finally past after a serious 15-year beat down. Like I said, work horse.

Milk Frother: The Miroco Milk Frother comes highly recommended from a good client of mine and she’s a bit of a chef so I trust her judgment. I just ordered one and I’m excited to take it for a test drive. I’m a fan of added frothed nut milks (esp coconut milk) to hot Teeccino (amazing non-acidic coffee substitute), herbal teas and making matcha tea lattes!

Instant Pot: I didn’t bit the bullet until just last year during the Thanksgiving Black Friday Sales because it’s so easy to get swept up in all the initial new appliance hoopla. However, I have to admit, with the colder weather I’m breaking it out of the pantry 3-4 times a week. It’s just too darn easy to steam up big kabocha, butternut or spaghetti squash without all the effort of prepping it from scratch. The first IP recipe I tried was yogurt and I failed to know how to use the pressure cooker. Threw out a LOT of expensive ingredients then banish the IP back into the box, threatening to ship back to Amazon. Eventually we made up and we’re good now but it was a really bumpy intro. Still want to make yogurt I just need yogurt cultures OR use one of the vegan yogurts my belly agrees with (PS: Co-Yo and Lavva are my faves).

Airfryer: I’m so wanting to get an air fryer for the Trader Joes Cauli gnocchi alone, but I tend to wait on trendy appliances like I did my Instant Pot (see below). A veteran Mindful Challenge participant said that the Ninja air fryer PRESSURE COOKER is the way to go…. I know, hold the phone. Air fryer + pressure cooker? Do I get rid of my Instant Pot and go with this one? If I did HNAT have an IP, I’d be interested in throwing down for the combo appliance. If you don’t have the IP, it might be a really good 2 in 1 option!

Mac Professional Knife: one thing I’m super grateful about checking out a plant-based diet over 20 years ago is that it forced me to learn how to get comfortable in the Kitchen with fresh produce. Real comfortable. You HAVE to have a good knife to work with produce otherwise it’s plain torture. THIS is the one I invested in over two decades ago and it’s still my trusty kitchen companion. The hole in the blunted tip is to hang the knife to dry and to prevent the blade from getting dull. Pro tip: store in a knife guard. You’ll thank yourself for taking good care of it. After watching Tim chop, he’s not allowed to use this one. #sorryHNATsorry

Food Processor: so I realize not everyone is a food processor fan, but I love my Cuisinart for hummus and other dips (my FAVE Muhummara), shredding and slicing veggies (for said SHE-ro muffins), and making things that my beloved blender won’t do efficiently. So I’m a fan but wish there was a 2 in 1 blender food processor by K-Tec cuz that baby would be mine in an instant.

French Press: even tho I’m not/Hnat a coffee drinker I love my French press for my fave low-acidity Teeccino coffee subsubstitue, loose leaf teas and odd time I do make coffee. Plus it’s essential for guests during the holidays. I’ve had this 34 oz one for probably a decade and it’s great; other options are HERE. I think the French press makes a great house warming or holiday gift with bag of Peet’s coffee. Use leftover coffee for protein smoothies.

Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Glass Food Storage Containers: obsessed with glass square containers to store food and leftovers in. I’m old school and Hnat a fan of plastic. The square shapes are more efficient space-savers than the round. I purchased two of these 3-pack ones and use the small ones to store fresh berries (they last longer than the plastic containers they come in – wash before eating but not before refrigerating). Larger containers are great for cooked bulk grains, muffins, chili, stews, and leftovers. The 3-pack stack neatly inside of each other. I purchased last year at Crate & Barrel. Won’t use anything else cuz it makes your leftovers in the refrigerator look like you have your food act together.


EatCleanBro: clients who don’t always have time to make balanced, nutritious meals but don’t want frozen ones – a meal prep delivery service might be a good option. Not only does the food taste good, but also can be a huge time saver. No shopping, prepping, cooking or cleaning up. Reuse the plastic containers for eco-bonus points.

Strive Food: just opened in Sandy Springs. Why it wasn’t Midtown I don’t know but it’s worth the drive. I’ll be down for a gift certificate since Claudine’s food always looks AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL! Check out her insta feed/stories and you’ll see what I mean!

Nina & Rafi: a Gift Certificate makes the perfect stocking stuffer for your pizza-loving spouse, family member or friend. My GAWD if you’ve never eaten this Detroit-crust scrumptiousness, you’re really missing out. They even have GF options… in SPX Alley off the Beltline.

Watchmans: perhaps my new fave ATL restaurant at Krog Street Market. Seasonal menu’s change frequently but I’d reorder both the snapper and creamed kale on polenta dishes I had last weekend. And I hate polenta. Oh yea and acorn squash side is a must have too… YES make reservations.

8Arm: I still love this hipster joint. What I would order right NOW: Ginger Lemongrass Broth, Tamal, Late Fall Vet, Sweet Potato, Oyster Mushroom Tacos, vegetarian Pumpkin Farro Risotto, Gnudi, Fried Snapper Tostada (so basically everything currently on the menu) and OMG can we talk about the Pumpkin Cream Puff??? SHUT UP!

Sprout Living: Here’s the deal-eo… if you’re short on time and don’t eat enough protein, AND want to add more plant-based goodness into your daily diet, Sprout Living is a great option. I have a very sensitive system and can pretty much vet products based on how they make me feel. And you should be doing the same because a lot of protein powders have a bunch of junky fillers and cheap ingredients to “bulk” it up (increasing profits, hey they’re in the biz to make money). But these ingredients can cause GI stress like gas, bloating, burping, constipation, etc. Pleasant right? I love Sprout Living cuz a) I’ve been living on them for about 7 years running now and b) they use whole foods and whole ingredients. This Chocolate Maca is a default and amazing to make choco-maca protein hot chocolate (hello my breakfast during the colder months). Vanilla Lucoma is delish for protein shakes/smoothie bowls or for Golden Milk with turmeric. I’ve baked the best ever Super SHE-RO muffins with both protein powders as well (but don’t use sunflower seed protein, it turns the muffins blue with baking powder/soda). The Original flavor is great for baking with as well BTW or adding to smoothies/recipes when you want no added flavor. If you travel, the Drinkable Oats are great for traveling and the new Watermelon Seed Protein is great if you’re allergic or sensitive to all the other protein powders out there (like dairy) and need an alternative. I just baked the Super She-ro muffins with it and couldn’t tell a difference. Tim wiped them out in record time.

Orgain: is another option – story goes it was created by a Dr. Andrew Abraham who needed a high quality protein supplement while going through cancer treatment. This new peppermint protein hot chocolate looks AMAZING (not currently for sale on Amazon btw) and is great if you need that boost of protein in your diet. I make my own protein hot chocolate but this one sounds like my kinda drink. If you’re on a FODMAP diet then avoid because it has the sugar alcohol erythritol. If you have GI issues, do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with me. I’ve helped a ton of women with IBS and IBS-like symptoms discover the foods they are sensitive to (the ones that cause them significant bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas and all the lovely side effects). I wish I wasn’t so sensitive to erythritol because I’d be drinking this all the time. YUM.

Mamapacha Organic Cacao Powder: finding affordable cacao powder in eco-friendly packaging that tastes good is a talent. This is my latest brand that I like based on flavor + their ethos and gratitude policy (but the cacao nibs I ordered on Amazon were lame so don’t bother, perhaps I got a bad bag). Add to protein hot chocolate, smoothies, smoothie bowls, superfood energy balls and all things deliciously chocolate. I purchase two at a time and like their 100% guarantee – not many companies do that. I should send back the nibs…. #lazy

Black Garlic: my GAWD how come I am just now finding out about this stuff? One of my fave client’s gifted me this the other day (thank you SP x1000000) and I made a quick sautéed spinach with it. Talk about up-leveling your food on the taste AND anti-oxidant spectrum. It’s crazy! Officially OBSESSED and writing a post about it so stay tuned!

LiverCare by Himayala Herbs: is one that I can HNAT live without, but I am also not on any pharmaceuticals so this is something I can take without it increase/decreasing the effectiveness of my meds. You can read more about it and other herbs by Himalaya that I love from this blog post HERE. I apologize if the links are broken, the post was written in 2018 is it’s likely they are.

Host Defense MyCommunity Mushroom Extract: is my secret immunity supplement I always keep in my medicine cabinet, especially during the cold/flu season. I religiously take 2-3 days prior to flying as a protective. heck out Paul Stamets Tedtalk about how mushrooms can save the world!

Lord Jones CBD Oil: this was the brand recommended to my by a colleague who’s super picky and vets companies harder than I do {it’s vegan, alcohol-, gluten- and sugar-free} . I was skeptical of the CBD craze because it’s my default plus my body is sensitive to pharmaceutical drugs and substances. I was going to create CBD workshops at Dr. Poscablo-Stein’s office and picked up a bottle at Hamlin in Serenbe. The first time I tried it was when I had a LOT of work to do and was feeling a bit of overwhelmed about how to tackle it all, took half the dose, and was surprised at how calm, peaceful and productive I was about 2 hours in. Zero funky side effects. But I’m also not/HNAT on any pharmaceutical medications. If you are on medication it’s strongly advised to discuss CBD with your doctor, especially if you are on the following medications: blood thinners, cholesterol and blood pressure medications, medication for gastrointestinal reflux and ulcers; antipsychotic medications for bipolar disease, schizophrenia, and autism; and epilepsy and seizure medications. **there is potential for CBD oil for arthritis, pain management, PTSD, etc and more studies are needed. Make sure you’re purchasing a quality product is advised as well. {ps: Lord Jones sold for $300M to Cronos in 2018}.

Prime by Powermill Labs: I am SUPER sensitive to caffeine. As in cannot have in the morning on an empty stomach otherwise it throws me way out of balance and fires up my hunger levels quickly. That being said, when I have this supplement before my workouts, it’s 10X and way better than coffee! I love that it’s Veteran-owned by Atlanta’s own Matt Sexton who is picky in the ingredient “vetting” department (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Do NOT take if you have a heart condition or are on hypertension medication or anti-depressants. Tell Matt I sent you….he looks like an action figure.

Dry Farms Wine: curates high quality sugar-free (<1 gram per Liter) wines on sustainable farms. I do like that they are hand-harvested, gluten-free, mycotoxic/mold-free (!), low alcohol, no additives. They are artisanal, pure and sulfite-free. Learn more about these lab-tested wines to see if they make sense for your lifestyle and health choices. Must order 3 bottles; takes 5-7 business days to be shipped to the East coast.


Living Libations: is lovingly created by my brilliant friend, Nadine Artemis, who I used to do plant-based retreats with back in the day. She is genius, blending consciously-sourced, high-grade oil and got me hooked on her Best Skin Ever line. The SeaBuckthorn is the one I’ve been using on my face for over 10 years. The Maverick Face Cream is a male formula that I purchased for Tim and started to buy for myself. And I SWEAR by Zippidy DewDab for the odd blemish that tends to pop up during the holiday season. I’ve tried other fancy {more $$} “green” products but they still smell and feel artificial. I think it’s because I’ve been using Nadine’s science-based holistic beauty products for so long I can sniff out imposters like a certificate of analysis. I won’t use anything else and her prices are totally affordable for the quality ingredients she uses, sourcing them herself. Oh and her website has a 15-20% off sale until November 27. I don’t purchase them from Amazon because some reviews indicate that the quality is sketch so purchase at your own risk. She usually runs a free shipping sale every August so sign up for the email list (PS: she’s a VERY progressive out-of-the-box holistic thinker so her information might be very new, but be open minded… check her out on the EXPANDED podcast).

Static Nails: so I have a love/hate relationship my nail salon. I LOVE the service and gel/SNS mani/pedi but HATE how damaged my nails get – can’t forget the cost. Each quarter I have to take a break and let my nails breathe. Do you feel that way too? Well this most recent round of SNS was the last straw (ugh smack dab in the middle of the holiday season?!) Yup, I’m taking a long break from the gel/SNS nail thang. Enter Shannon Sliger from who dialed me into Static Nails – they have clean nail polish AND reusable pop-on manicures that last 10 DAYS! Three lengths, four shapes and new colors that are selling out this holiday season. With the link you get $5 gift card from Static + earn 500 points from your first purchase (can earn more points with liking IG, FB & Twitter page, adding birthdate, etc for free products). Didn’t think I’d dig pop on nails but these are HNAT the Lee Press-On Nails from the 80’s darling. No way. Send me a pic and I’ll post on IG! Seriously I will…

Gabriel Lipgloss: my fave gluten-free moisture rich formula has been my go-to for about a decade. I found this at Whole Foods and scored because I started to use for both my lips and cheeks (it’s a steal at $16.75/tube). My go-to color is DIVA and I buy 2 at a time because I hate to be out of this! I’ve tried at least half a dozen other lipgloss brands but this is still my fave.

100% Pure: OMG the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream smells good enough to eat. I love the Vitamin C serum (use nightly), Luminous Primer, and just ordered the Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara since I’m transitioning away from Tarte Cosmetics after discovering the dishonest labels (stating they are “green” but have chemicals and vegan when they add animal products). I always like to vet companies, even the one’s I am religious to because sometimes they sell and then the new company can change ingredients around to increase profits (that happened with Terra Chips and can absolutely happen in the beauty industry).

Mineral Fusion Sheer Tint Foundation: I just discovered this and like the coverage. While it doesn’t have the “cleanest” ingredients sometimes you have to have a little wiggle room, or at least that is how it is in my world. The purist would do better with 100% pure brand but their foundation was too thick for me, super unflattering under my eyes (hence some shameful stories with pretty eye bags on IG).

Antonym Cosmetics Baked Foundation: is like putting a real-life Insta filter on your skin. I was “instantly” hooked after I won their blush on a green beauty blog. Beautiful bamboo case with a rich sound when snapping it closed. Was on sale at Neimans last year, wish I stocked up because it is a lil pricy, but worth it. The highlighter is on sale at Nordstrom – but I’ve never tried it. Would totally be open to getting a full makeover by this company btw.

Body Brush: dry skin brushing helps promote both circulation and lymphatic drainage. Your lymph system is a key part of your immune system so keeping it functioning optimally can help to boost your immune + reduce inflammation (hint hint: inflammation is the pathway to disease). Avoid getting caught up in the “it reduces cellulite” concept cuz it’s lacking in evidence per the Cleveland Clinic and focus on the benefits unblocking pores and exfoliating your skin. At my 10 yr class reunion I had a lot of compliments on my skin and I swear, it was the dry brushing. Just started doing this again recently and can feel a difference. You don’t have to spend a ton of money and this ONE if affordable, or you can get one at Whole Foods or a health store but avoid synthetic bristles. A great video on how to dry brush properly is HERE.

Tongue Scraper: this has been part of my dental hygiene each morning ever since I did a deep dive into the raw food world. I like this copper one, or the two-pack or three pack for the family. Follow the instructions on how to do this properly from the Cleveland Clinic. I scrap first thing in the morning and the funk that comes off my tongue changes based on my diet the day before. PS: it’s kinda gross so be happy it’s not on your tongue anymore. Better effects than using a toothbrush for certain.

Eco Lips Chapstick: love the thick stick and fun flavors (personally Hnat a fan of banana). I order the 4-pack and keep one in the car, kitchen, office, and bedroom. Really can’t live without them and when you purchase the 4-pack it’s only about $2.50 each which is a savings compared to purchasing solo at Whole Foods.

Natural Deoderants: when I first started my health journey I switched out my beloved Dove deodorant for an aluminum-free version. I’ve tried just about every iteration of au natural deo from the salt sticks to every brand available. What was nice is when I was super “clean” raw vegan, I didn’t need deo for THREE years. Promise. I just did HNAT stink (and I swear my poo didn’t stink either, TMI but it’s true). Now I’m obsessed with Humble palo santo, frankincense and vanilla scented. Wish they used arrowroot instead of corn starch but it works for me and I’m obsessed with the clean smell! I want to try the bergamot + ginger next. Pro tip: pay a lil extra for the travel stick combo…


Pure Effects Filters: Water is essential. Having a house water filter, or at least, a countertop one, is essential for optimal health. The doctor I studied with in Arizona turned me only Pure Effects because he’s super picky and it’s the only one that I know of that removes fluoride, chlorine, radiation, drug residues (YIKES! both legal + illegal), personal care products and is super specific about sourcing their materials I don’t know any other product that will promise to remove drug residue + radiation! I started with this countertop one and then when we moved into our new home we had the builder install this ONE. I have to say, having a house water filter is a major game changer. Brushing our teeth with filtered water, drinking it in the shower, washing veggies and cooking food, all with clean, filtered water has made a significant difference in our health. Especially with the recent report of how polluted Atlanta city water is (HERE). Essentially the EPA has recommended that Atlanta rehabilitate and replace aging infrastructure, facilitate water quality compliance, and provide continuous water supply to customers. Water is vital to life. You can go for about 3 weeks without food and only 6-7 days without water (please don’t try either). I realize it can feel like an investment, but it was one that 7 years later, we do HNAT regret! The other thing you’ll love is not having to fill up empty containers at W Foods or health food stores. If you order one, can you do me a favor? Please shoot me an email and let me know because I want to make sure that you love it as much as I do… PS: we replace these house filters about every 10-12 months.

Richway Biomat: YES, this is a bit of a health splurge, but good gawd it’s so worth it. This is the original far infrared pad that we arm wrestle to lay on first each night. Kingston is as obsessed with it too, if not more than we are. We have this ONE and I swear, it’s almost as great as having filtered water throughout your entire home. It has almost 18 pounds of crushed amethyst crystals with far infrared heat to help decrease chronic pain, improve cellular function and might inhibit proliferation of cancer cells. We purchased ours from a friends brother who was a sales rep and have loved it ever since. When we are watching TV we fire it up (I usually go on the high setting) and just totally chill out while watching Netflix. Just watched the documentary on Bikram this weekend while laying on the biomat trying to heal from the cold I was struggling with (I think I have it beat, thanks to everyone for your kind healing messages).

EarthHero: I have the reusable produce bags (that saves all the plastic bag waste) I want to try the eco-nuts laundry detergent (wow we’ve recycled 5 large plastic laundry detergent bottles in 11 months) so this would save a lot of plastic crap from landing in the ocean or land fills! Free shipping with $50 order AND 15% off with code SAVEEARLY (but I don’t know for how long).

Humankind: bamboo and cotton cotton swabs are 100% biodegradable without single-use plastic AND won’t pollute the oceans with the cheap plastic ones. A better option might be to consider the reusable silicone ones like THESE. Would make a great stocking stuffer for your earth-conscious homie.


P.volve: I’m super intrigued by this innovative functional movement fitness program with a ball contraption that straps on your thighs and is supposed to give you a Victoria Secret’s model hiney. Sign me up. Seriously though, I can’t speak to their ‘nutrition’ program but it looks quite restrictive if I had to take a guess (just look at a VS model). Focus on the workout and what your body can do instead of trying to achieve some “model” results. Hope this doesn’t come across wishy-washy, you just have to filter diet culture and use things appropriately. If you really want to order and get the affiliate discount, email me. Can’t figure out their complex affiliate program….

ClassPass: If you like to studio-hop based on your exercise mood (yoga, reformer, HIIT, gym time, etc) then this is your jam. Fitness routines typically don’t work because peeps get bored. Not a chance with the tons (!!) of options on CP. I even did a 40-minute infrared sauna treatment to knock out this nasty cold. This link will discount any plan $40 – or I can invite you to workout for free with me. Yes, I’m serious.

PlateSculpt: One of my FAVE workouts in the city in just 30 minutes. You’ll maximize your workouts on the power-plate and be able to squeeze in a workout at lunch! Say hi to Susan King for me, actually give her a hug from me, I miss her!! Holidaysculpt4u code gets you 20% off all class packs!

Highland Yoga: Love this studio (VaHi is mine), four locations, awesome teachers AND $30 for a month unlimited. You can’t beat it. This studio is JAMMED in January so hop in before then or get used to getting sweaty with your neighbor.

Sacred Thread Yoga: The Friday 9:30am class with Kayla is one of my fave’s in the city. Never packed, always challenging and creative – I mean, she mindfully deconstructed down dog into wild thing. She had me at mindful…


Whole Dog Market: This store is Kingston’s FAVORITE! The staff is super friendly and helpful and their prices are very fair for quality pet treats. He’s a big fan of Corrina’s Corner raw meat + Farmina brand kibble (it received good reviews HERE). If I”m feeling lazy I’ll order from (cheaper than Amazon + free shipping) and other times I’ll take Kinston to Whole Dog so he can get treats. They gave him a free King of Pops popsicle for his birthday and he picked out a ton of treats, no wonder he whines when we pull into hthe parking lot! Tell them I sent you (Jennifer Hnat I can’t remember what email address I gave them!) and you’ll receive $10 off your first purchase (+ I get $10 so it’s a win win!).


Sabot Shoes: My ATL go-to for modern, chic clothes (like Zero by Maria Cornelio) and shoes it’s no wonder Atlanta Magazine always votes Sabot as a top Best Shop in Atlanta. If you’ve seen me on Fox 5 or 11Alive, I’m likely in something styled by Des or Charlotte. I’ll need something special for a big dietitian lecture in March and guess where I’ll be getting it… Sabot! They have gift certificates and it’s one of THE best holiday gifts for your fashionista friend!

Be-Tees: the BEST tee’s on the planet! Created by Atlanta’s own Stefanie Halperin who launched them at the Grammy’s in 2004. I was there supporting my dear friend and if you want to see me with red hair check out all the celeb’s who love Be-Tees HERE. I don’t have a fave, I love them all… especially the Rock Star Hoodie and Short Sleeve V-neck (on sale). This is THE tee I default to! Available at Sabot (above) and Jeffrey Atlanta at Phipps.

Rothy’s: They had me a three key attributes – shoes, sustainability AND zero-waste. They have UP-cycled over 30 MILLION water bottles into stylish flats and shoes while continually striving for waste prevention. I wish every company would focus on these business principles. Obsessed with The Chelsea WILDCAT + The Flat GREY GLEN PLAID + The Point BIG CAT + The Loafer OLIVE CAMO but you can HNAT go wrong with any of them.

Naadam: I love cashmere and I also love animals. Once you learn about how animals are treated for their fur, hide or parts you start to move towards more compassionate, ethical and sustainable choices. Naadam is committed to cruelty-free cashmere hand-combing methods. I’m obsessed with this travel set of cashmere eye mask, socks, and blanket. Granite color is a safe gift but red and desert pink is super cute too. For $20 off your first order (of $200) use this LINK.

Stella McCarthy X Hunter Rain Boot: Yes, you can be eco-conscious in these vegan booties and still look stylish in the rain. I’m obsessed with the Grey color ($475). On sale at Nordies for 40%, black and olive. Go figure they do HNAT have my color on sale. Story of my life. I can walk into any upscale boutique and fall in love with THE most expensive item in there. It’s my spiritual gift.

UGG Sheepskin Insoles: And here’s where I am going to sound like a hypocrite. Promoting UGG’s insoles… I realize this. And I am TOTALLY OPEN to other recommendations that are more earth-friendly, warm, and durable. Until now I hate to say it but I’m sticking with these because they keep my 9 yr old house UGGs warm and stop me from buying another replacement pair. I’ve purchased crappy ones in the past and throw them out. That’s HNAT eco-friendly at all.


SATI MasterMind group: is for the individual who is really committed to making mindful + intuitive eating their lifestyle in 2020. Sati is Sanskrit for ‘mindful’ and if you’re ready to usher in the new decade of 2020 a more mindful version of you, then read more HERE.

Nutrition Atlanta 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge: is a GREAT way to jumpstart your mindful journey with a group of people on the same journey in a super supportive environment. You can learn a LOT about yourself and your relationship with food in a mere 30 days. Several people do this challenge multiple times because you get better with practice. I do it with you each and every time because practice practice practice what you preach. I offer this with a group four times a year and will be offering 365 days starting in 2020! There will be a price increase in mid December but previous challengers can get a code to use for a discount…

Radical Self Care for the Holidays: Marianne Mackenzie is a life coach who is nothing short of amazing. Seriously, if you don’t have a coach and need a coach, she is the woman you want on your team. Marianne’s level of knowledge, experience and expertise blows me away every time I speak with her. Her coaching tools and practical advice is always spot on. SPOT ON. I adore this human and you will too. You can thank me later for connecting you with her.


Food 52 Cookbook Collection: let me make myself perfectly clear. I am horrible at following recipes. I have countless cookbooks but somehow when attempting to follow a recipe, I have messed up by step 2. But I LOVE love Food 52 and I’m sure the recipes in here are top notch AND beautiful. The Genius, Vegan + Ice Cream books look to die for.

The Forest Feast: perhaps THE most beautiful cookbook I own (the Gathering one). A beloved gift from my amazing web-designer Carly June. Seriously makes you want to have a party as hip as the ones in the pics. The Quinoa Crunch Salad is something I want to eat daily; the Spicy Chocolate Almonds are addictive + make the best homemade holiday gift. Spotted at SugarBoo at Ponce City Market. Speaking of PCM, anything at Modern Mystic is a go for your crystal-loving, metaphysical bestie.

Skinny Taste Cookbook: first of all I HATE the name “skinny” in the title because it has such connotations that I don’t focus on professionally (or personally anymore) but I added it here because several clients give a thumbs up for the recipes. I saw several reviews that say you can get the same recipes for free on the blog (this happened with Oh She Glow’s book too) so if you’re a book person, you can buy the book but I tend to look up blogs for quick recipe inspo too. I also cook based on what I have available and make original recipes that I wouldn’t create if I was following someone else’s instructions. BUT when I first started to cook, I absolutely followed recipes until I developed some kitchen confidence. Now I wing it.

Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family by Ellyn Satter: one of the foremost authorities on feeding children. What I wish I read when I was younger in hopes of putting some sense into my head about how to have a positive relationship with food before the damage that dieting did. Mom-to-be and current mom’s are highly recommended to read this book to help raise good eaters as well as reading Your Child’s Weight.

Eat What You Love and Love What You Eat by Michelle May MD: I studied mindful eating with Michelle and became a facilitator of her program. Will definitely help you break down destructive eating patterns and have a healthier mindset for behavior change. She’s exceptionally wise and has decades of experience. I feel honored to work with her and share her wisdom.

The Joy of Half a Cookie: Not a big fan of the focus of weight loss because then you can easily turn mindful + intuitive eating skills into a diet with “rules”. Some clients found some useful knowledge in this book and I like that it’s evidence-based.

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle: This book has been pretty profound for me. My dearest mother gave this to me in 2006, clearly ahead of her time and mine. Unfortunately it didn’t radically resonate with me until I started to meditate and do the mindful work I do now. If I could have a do-over, getting the concepts in THIS book would be what I would change. PROFOUND. Did I say that?

Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza: Multi-NYT author is helping people recover from MS using their mind. I know it sounds super woo-woo but we are all more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. I don’t think you can go wrong with ANY of his books but if spirituality is weird to you, try one of his earlier books to get your feet wet.

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer: I love the mindfulness thread in this book so that you can stay in the present moment instead of dwelling in the past, which leads to suffering. He focuses on unconditional happiness, so if you want to stay miserable, don’t buy this book.

Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell: pretty much any book by MG is a winner for a reason. He’s probably best known for being a great story-teller and popular books like The Tipping Point , David and Goliath and Blink.

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav: The is one of the best books to change your outlook on life according to many readers, including Oprah. Gary writes: “The Universe backs the part of you that is of clearest intention.” #truth

A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson: yes the same woman running for the 2020 presidential election. She’s a popular new age author and while I’ve never officially read any of her books, I’ve seen her on Oprah and watched enough videos to feel that she’s doing more good than harm in the world. Wish I could say the same for our current president.

Oprah Book Club Rec’s: I do HNAT think you can go wrong with any rec from the Beyonce of books herself. Wish she would divorce herself from Weight Watchers ‘cuz mindful & intuitive eating…..


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In an effort to “be the change in the world” I donate a portion of every online Mindful Eating Challenge to an organization my heart is aligned with. This year I donated a portion of the Spring challenge to Beloved Atlanta who transition women out of the human trafficking industry, the Fall challenge to to help with the deforestation efforts in Brazil and beyond, and the Pre-Holiday Challenge to Full Circle Farm Sanctuary in Warm Springs, GA.

Human rights, animal welfare, Mother Earth and the environment are causes worth supporting. I’ve been donating annually to National Resources Defense Counsel for over twenty years… wow, I’m just realizing that as I write this! Your welcome NRDC 🙂

I share that with you because I am donating a portion of the affiliate link sales from this post to: Natural Resources Defense Counsel and Tree’s Atlanta. There are a LOT of wonderful non-profits out there according to Forbes which I like to support as well as the smaller locals that not many people are aware of.

PS not all links are affiliate-based but I do appreciate your support of the maintenance of this site, enabling me to be able to donate more to charitable causes. And in full disclosure I’ve made a whopping $12.54 from Amazon this entire year so while I do have affiliate links, they are not as profitable as I originally thought but I’ll still add them and disclose that always.

So the FTC requires all bloggers and social media accounts to disclose if they are being compensated about the brands or products they are talking about and if someone you follow does NOT do that, I’d recommend unfollowing them…. this is because people tend to be more skeptical for paid endorsements.

And BTW just because something is advertised on television, that doesn’t mean it’s been vetted by anyone. I worked in media sales and there is this belief that if a product or person is on tv, it’s legit. Pharmaceutical drugs could NOT pay for television advertising because of that bias so just know. I won’t sacrifice your trust or my integrity for money – they are both way too precious to me.

Oh PS: these are things I love and are not to be used for medical advice. Yes, this is the world we live in… I have to say that.

Happy & healthy holidays!

xx J



I first went to Weight Watchers in my early twenty’s with my stepmother. I remember feeling like I was in the wrong place because I didn’t see anyone my age at the meetings. ZERO. Truth is, my relationship with Weight Watchers didn’t last long. The meetings felt shaming to me, like something was inherently wrong […]

Is Weight Watchers (WW) really right for you?

This feels like the most vital blog post I’ve ever written.

Like many of you, I’m feeling a very heavy heart and deep emotions about the national status and inequality we suffer from.

I have not/Hnat addressed racism on my blog or with you, but like so many others, I have had to process my feelings and now it’s time to speak to my community. Actually after learning about the history of racism, I’m ashamed I didn’t bring this topic up sooner.

Many of my are here for mindful + intuitive eating wisdom. But the truth of the matter is that we can not/Hnat do the anti-diet work without also doing the anti-racism work too.

They are in fact deeply and intimately related.

Diet culture is firmly rooted in racism.

Anti-Racism and Anti-Diets: What is the Connection? 

First thing’s first: we need fat in our diets.

Thankfully long gone is the fat-fearing diet days of the past with low-fat and fat-free products! Fats are essential for long-term energy, cell growth and communication, organ protection, insulation for your body, nutrient absorption, and hormone production.

So yes, your body definitely requires good fats.

There are numerous diets out there that are either at one extreme of the “fat spectrum” or the other. For example

Getting back to basics: FAT

Hey y’all! My name is Harley Cobb and I’m a rising junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Dietetics. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC (the Queen City!) where I also became a 200-Hour RYS certified yoga instructor last summer.

This summer, I will be Jennifer’s “sidekick” in all things mindful and intuitive eating with Nutrition Atlanta!

Meet my new summer intern, Harley!