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Why I love TINY, teeny bowls



I’m obsessed with tiny bowls…

I’m obsessed with tiny bowls…

Tonight I was facilitating my ELEVATE 6-week Mindful Eating virtual support group and I held up a tiny porcelain “pinch” bowl I bought in Istanbul and use for snacks. While dining at a hip 5-star hotel who served fresh, local honey comb in this cute dish at breakfast, I realized that I needed these teeny bowls in my life.

It really was love at first sight.

And so I was on the hunt for these tiny bowls and brought them back in my suitcase with probably 25 pounds of dried nuts, seeds, spices, dried fruit (as well as a stunning distressed leather jacket that I likely paid way too much money for).

So these teeny dishes… I loved the idea of using small bowls for snacks, serving spices, a lil’ bit of nuts or trail mix, whatever.

I also have used them for television episodes, corporate Lunch and Learns as well as local cooking classes. They come in handy each and every time.

The clear pinch bowls I have work perfectly for storing random things on my desk. The odd’s and ends. Like right now a couple pair of earrings for virtual clients and support groups since I took out my studs.

My point is they are versatile.

TINY teeny bowls.png

And leave it to Amazon to have a wide selection of pinch bowls/pots. No shock there, right?

These terra-cotta ones are adorable and would be great for my You Tube channel I’m finally starting.

I also love these white classy, modern ones that are super versatile (probably ordering as you read this). And another iteration in a round version is a sure bet too, just depends if you dig square or round shapes. I like unusual and unexpected shapes so I like these or these too, especially the 3 oz ones! Perfect lil snack dish!

Go down the Amazon rabbit hole of fun tiny dipping sauce bowls and let me know what you wind up purchasing! I

Sur le Table has these gorgeous teak pinch bowls (swooning)…. can we talk about this Olivewood salt keeper tho? Runs circles around my big bamboo one that I got at Homegoods. I’m obsessed with anything olive.

William Sonoma has glass prep bowls with small pinch pots (I have the smaller ones and use for food demo’s all the time).

West Elm has these casual but elegant Kanto pinch pots.

Pottery Barn has these cute salt + pepper pinch bowls that you could use anyway you choose.

Walmart has these marble stacking pinch pots (Walmart stepping up their style game!!!) and these cute pinch bowls with lids or you can use small rimmed ramekin dishes too (I use them all the time for trail mix). PS: the marble stacking pots are the SAME but cheaper than at Birch Lane + Wayfair.

You could literally fall down the pinch pot rabbit hole.

I had to be mindful when I did…. now, I think I just might buy more.

Seriously, comment below if you love these – take pics- I think imma start a social hashtag #babybowls

super cute…

super cute…



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