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Cultivating mindful and intuitive eating skills to manage a disordered relationship with food is a compassionate and sustainable way to establish peaceful existence with food while deleting the damage from diet or “wellness” culture beliefs, habits, patterns or thoughts. Clients who are or have experienced trauma and/or need assistance managing emotions and thoughts outside of the scope of nutrition would also benefit from working with a qualified health care practitioner to support the changes and growth during your mindful and intuitive eating journey with Jennifer.  

You might potentially make your situation or stress worse by not seeking proper professional help for your personal struggles.  Take this quick quiz to see if you might benefit from working with a therapist. Atlanta is blessed to offer a wide array of clinicians, psychologists, pyscho-therapists and therapists.  Below are some practitioners to explore:


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Dr. Cristina Poscablo-Stein

Dr. Cristina Poscablo-Stein is mindfully-based adult psychiatrist in Grant Park who developed a unique healing philosophy based off the Integrative Medicine model. She approaches each of her patients with a bio-psycho-social-perspective to treat and heal the whole person instead of focusing on just the presenting symptoms. Learn more about Dr. Cristina Poscablo-Stein here.


Dr. Bobbie Golden

Dr. Golden is an integrative clinical psychologist in Buckhead with over 25 years of experience. She has extensive training in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Gestalt, Psychomotor, Body Awareness, EMDR, Meditation/Mindfulness, Psychodynamic Therapy, Couples Therapy, Conflict Resolution and Group Therapy. Learn more about Dr. Golden here.

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Marianne Mackenzie

Marianne is a Leadership & Lifestyle Coach who is dedicated to personal development. She is on a mission to help people empower themselves. I’ve worked with Marianne and she is a dynamic force to be reckoned with! Her no BS approach is exactly what will get you to start moving forward towards living the life you want. Learn more about Marianne here.