DAY # 10



Good Morning!  This should be an easy challenge for today, time for you to have a bit of a break BUT that being said, appreciate today’s challenge.

Today I will fully pay attention to how my food looks, smells, and tastes.

We eat with our eyes so fully examine your food before diving in.  Look at the colors, textures, observe any aromas and enjoy the food that you are nourishing your amazing body with, be it “healthy” or not!  

Make sure to continue  practicing the mindful skills that resonate with you and think about the ones that you don’t like or struggle with and WHY.  More than likely they are pushing some personal buttons which is an opportunity for you to work with that energy to explore why and what it is.  One participant sent me a message that said “I’ve learned that I eat  

So on the days during the challenge when you read through and think, “Oh, I’ve got this” then humble yourself with one of your true challenges and mindful eating struggles.  Remember that is where you will see the most growth and change, recognizing where you need improvement, moving through the struggles and creating healthier habits.




Learn about yourself from these golden opportunities of self-exploration and enjoy the process because it is creating a deeper connection to YOU and your relationship with food.  What better use of your time – believe that you’re worth it and make it a priority!  This was a big waste of time… said no one ever about the Mindful Eating Challenge! 

Congratulations for making it one-third of the way through.  You will thank yourself for doing this and about 75% of my clients who have done the challenge wind up doing it again!