DAY # 11



Today I will chew and swallow mindfully and see if I take big or small bites, chew and enjoy every bite of my food.

I don’t know about you, but once I started honing in on my mindful eating skills, I started to realize some bad habits.  Terrible ones.  Embarrassing.  As in, once I became aware of them I would not intentionally eat this way in public.  Wow how judgy does that sound?   

Apparently there were certain foods, not all, but specific ones, that I would take gi-normous bites while eating them.  Like practically choke myself, the bites clearly too large for me to even swallow.  It was BIZARRE.  

But once I acknowledged and then accepted that ok, these are my habits, I began to ask myself, “why do you choose to eat like this?”  So that’s all you have to do is a) observe non-judgmentally and b) be curious about why you do what you do (perhaps you picked up the habit from a parent, friend, roommate, or someone else).  

I have a lot of clients that really struggle with this particular challenge.  They tend to take big bites of food during their work week especially when they are in a hurry..any other hands raising?  Certain foods can cause some to take bigger bites than others (yup that was me).  It’s an opportunity to lovingly remind ourselves to take smaller bites and chew each bite well to aid in proper digestion.  I still can fall into the habit of taking huge bites, especially when it’s something I have to eat with my hands, but have made big changes and significantly decreased this by at least 95 percent!     

Today your goal is to stay focused on your food, the process of chewing, tune into how swallowing food feels and what it is doing in your body, where is it going?? Just be curious about the process.  Often times we eat on auto-pilot and forget about the entire cycle of how food got to us [think about where it came from] and where it’s going [in your body and being used for energy; ask yourself, “will this food energize or deplete me?”].  Today think about that as you chew AND swallow mindfully!

Awesome job everyone, you’re becoming Mindful Eaters with each bite and meal each day!!!

I didn’t realize how much I needed to pay attention to the size of my bites until I did my first 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge.
When I take smaller bites and chew my food well, I eat smaller portions of food at meals.

— Lisa W. Marietta, GA