DAY # 11



Today I will drink at least 70 ounces of water (shoot for 20-25 ounces by 11am, 3pm, & 7pm) and notice if that impacts my appetite levels in anyway. 

Add an extra 20 ounces for every 30-60 minutes of exercise or physical activity.  Stay hydrated to keep your metabolism high but don’t OVER-hydrate as that can reduce sodium levels and cause hyponatremia (low sodium which can negatively affect your heart rate).  Keep a water bottle with you all day and sip on it to stay properly hydrated instead of chugging.  If you are thirsty, you are likely dehydrated.  Staying hydrated is essential for optimal health, especially in the warmer months.

During my mindful eating journey I’ve noticed that in the warmer Atlanta months I naturally gravitate to staying adequately hydrated.  But in the winter I find it challenging to meet my daily water goals because I only want to drink water when I work out or at night after dinner.  For some reason I find it difficult to drink enough water during the colder winter days.  

My favorite way to jumpstart my day is with 32-oz of fresh pressed green juice, which BTW counts towards my fluid goals, usually after I walk my boxer Kingston.  My green juice is combination of leafy greens, herbs, and either half a small pear or apple, usually with lemon, ginger and turmeric.  It just works magic on my biochemistry, body and gut so it’s a major priority to add into the daily mix.  

In the warmer months I like to add fresh berries and citrus to water.  When I think about it, I will brew a big pot of herbal tea to drink over ice.  Once fall is in full swing, I love to make hot herbal tea with liquid stevia (SweetLeaf brand if my fav) or hot lemon water.  Once cold-man winter hits, I really struggle with drinking enough fluids.  The transition from ice cold summer drinks to warmer ones can throw off my hydration game during the day.  Oddly enough, I’m good with drinking water at night, probably because I’m dehydrated!  

One healthy hydration habit I’ve always adopted is to always, without fail, take a large glass to bed with me.  Actually a lot fo times it is a 32-ounce ball jar filled with water.  Then when I wake up that water is waiting for me on my nightstand and I drink at least 16-20 oz while I am getting ready (yes, I take it to the bathroom with me and just drink it).  It is, without a doubt, the best way to naturally wake up the body.  Coffee and caffeine is like a jarring slap in the face to the body, water is like your mom coming into your bedroom sweetly singing to wake you up.  And yes, that is how my mom used to wake us up.  It was gross when I was young, so sweet now 🙂

Start to pay attention to your daily water habits and any times or days that seem challenging to you.  The awareness can help you troubleshoot and make changes!