DAY # 12


Day 14: drink water .png

Hiya MIT, you know the drill.  Today we’re focusing on hydrating every cell of your body adequately so your metabolism and brain are firing on all cylinders.  In fact as I’m typing this I JUST grabbed a large 32 oz ball jar of water! I like to purchase the blue colored ones at Publix and drink out of them when I work from home because then I can monitor my intake and make sure that I’m drinking at least 64 oz (2 glasses) per day.  

I usually drink 70-80 oz of water + green juice a day because the more I started to pay attention to how I feel when I’m hydrated vs. dehydrated, I don’t want to stress my body out.  I know you don’t want to either.

I take a big glass to bed with me and start sipping on it after I brush my teeth and then I never EVER leave the house without a water bottle (actually that’s a lie, I went to the office today and forgot my water bottle and busted myself!  But that’s super unusual. I always check for keys, phone AND water!

If you’re thirsty, you’re dehydrated.  I did an experiment with my father who has always had high blood pressure (but hardly ever drank water, mostly coffee).  I made him follow a water exercise for 2 weeks and he dropped his blood pressure by 20 points! That is the power of water and hydration….

It’s Day 2 of the Hydration challenge so make sure to give that body what I absolutely can’t live without!

Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine

— Slovakian Proverb