DAY # 14

Massive Gratitude at Pyramid Bistro in December reflecting upon all the shifts and evolution that 2019 provided for never-ending growth…

Massive Gratitude at Pyramid Bistro in December reflecting upon all the shifts and evolution that 2019 provided for never-ending growth…

Good morning MIT – can I just say how grateful I am for you joining this challenge when EVERYBODY ELSE IS DIETING?!?  Ugh, I think back to how long I was stuck in diet mode only to fall off the wagon by Thursday or Friday, eating whatever all weekend, feeling super guilty and promising myself that I would be “good” and behave come Monday.

What. A. Waste. Of. Mental. Space.

I’m so grateful that I was finally open to exploring mindfulness. I’ve seen the mindful and intuitive light and have truly found peace with food. Still work on it daily, sometimes I check out when I don’t feel super great, but always loop back around to it because it feels like the ultimate form of #selfcare.

I’ve been reflecting on ALL the things I am grateful for.  Mostly how my relationship with food + my AMAZING body has radically evolved in the peaceful direction so that I can help others (that’s you my dear) to the food finish line.  Seriously, it makes my past struggles worth it. They make sense now. I had to go to hell and back so that I can relate to that fierce struggle on a cellular level. And be grateful for the entire process, the struggles, the successes, the simple things that seem insignificant.

Gratitude is an appreciation of what is meaningful to you.  What you appreciate and are grateful for. Practicing gratitude daily shifts your body in a positive direction and can actually make you happier!  Your hypothalamus floods your brain with dopamine – that feel good brain chemical that gives you a natural high, motivating you to do good and express gratitude even more.  

So you can see why practicing gratitude can be a key part of your mindful and intuitive eating journey because it can make you feel GOOD and make you want to find more things to be grateful for!

The goal is to do things, eat things, think things and be with people who make us FEEL good! No guilt. No shame. Zero of the diet culture sensations. We’re shooting for more things that feel good and like self-care.

So today, take the time to write out all the things, big, small and in between, that you are grateful for. I like to review it during meditation and say it out loud before meals. Even if it feels like you can only think of “ONE” thing to be grateful for – think of that over and over until you start attracting more things to be grateful for. Before you know it, you have a TON of blessings to recognize and be thankful for.

Say after me… “I am so grateful for all the abundance, love and well-being that I feel every day. I am so grateful for my health, my family, my career path and clients I feel so blessed to loving guide, I am grateful for the mental health I have created, the partner I have connected with, the life we have created together and continue to strive towards. I am grateful for my breath, the sun, the moon, the wind and the rain.”

The more gratitude you FEEL, the more gratitude you will ATTRACT.

Gratitude is free…

Gratitude is free…