DAY # 15



Today is another fun challenge that is designed to s-l-o-w you down at meals and snacks.

Sure to be a challenge…

Today I will eat all of my meals and snacks with chopsticks!

Obviously there are several foods where this will be challenging (soup or cereal and yogurt) but get creative, chop up your food to make the process easier, do the best you can and pay attention to how you feel about the experience!  I’ve eaten my cutie tangerines with chopsticks and had one client eat oatmeal with them, so just have fun and let me know how it goes for you!

Eating with chopsticks can slow fast eaters down, help people who take big bites take smaller ones, and give your brain and stomach enough time to communicate and let you know when your belly is content.  The upswing and possible bonus: weight loss for some people.  



Apply pressure on the top portion of the first stick.  Always remember that the first stick and your index and middle fingers always move, while the second one and your thumb are always stationary.  Move the tip of the first stick towards that of the second.  Practice this move till you get it right.  After that, practice holding the tips of both the sticks firmly together.  Hold them tight enough, so that you can grab a piece of food or sushi firmly.  Lean in to eat the morsel of food.

You need to practice keeping the second stick stationary and moving the first one towards it. Once you get the hang of this procedure, you can eat any kind of food using these sticks, even rice.  I bought an inexpensive set of wooden chopsticks in bamboo holders at an Asian market and enjoy eating with them to Slow. It. Down.   Especially if I am really hungry.  If you are good with using chopsticks, then challenge yourself and use your non-dominant hand!  Try using chopsticks with all meals to flex that creativity muscle (and perhaps cut your food into bite-sized pieces).