DAY # 16



Good morning MIT!

We’re revisiting an eating skills that some of the longest living people on the planet practice each day. By stopping when they are roughly 80% full, they don’t overwhelm their digestive system.

When you constantly stretch and over-stretch your stomach, it takes more food to feel full. I did this for decades either because I would wait too long between meals OR I wouldn’t eat balanced meals (mostly carbs) and would feel hungry quickly afterwards.

The reason we sense hunger is because we need energy and nutrition. Signs of hunger might include a headache or fatigue, inability to think well or legit hanger. And eating food can help you feel better, help you power through the rest of your day.

But if you don’t feel good before you eat and you don’t feel good AFTER you eat, then you have to take a look at the amount of food or the types of food you are eating. With 100% curiosity and zero, ZERO judgment.

A way to help you find your “sweet spot” with food is to experiment with the Hara Hachi Bu 80% philosophy.

If you stop when you are 75-80% full and feel deprived or mentally hungry, just promise yourself that you can always continue eating until you feel how you need to feel OR eat again when you want to eat. Use every meal and snack as an opportunity to learn more about why you do what you do with food!

Eight parts of a full stomach sustain the man; the other two sustain the doctor.

— Japanese proverb