DAY # 16


Good morning my Mindful Eating Family!  It’s time to have a FUN challenge that will actually make you smarter….. are you ready?


Today I will eat and drink all of my meals and snacks with my non-dominant hand.  

Go ahead and practice drinking water, coffee, tea, smoothies, and liquids with your non-dominant hand too!  *PLEASE be careful with hot liquids!! And if you really want to challenge yourself → brush your teeth, brush your hair and try to do anything else with your other hand (I don’t recommend putting on makeup tho!).

I know, this IS a challenge and this one is meant to help you grown more brain cells (it’s true). Using your opposite hand will strengthen neural connections in your brain, and even grown new ones! It’s similar to how physical exercise improves your body’s functioning and muscle growth. 

PS: Other cultures eat with their right hand and wipe with their left hand. Ewww I know, totally off topic but in case you’re out of the country, don’t try this challenge today!

Have fun with it and get smarter while you do today’s challenge and don’t forget to continue “stacking’“ your favorite mindful eating skills you enjoy.  I always love to say a prayer or words of gratitude for my meals and snacks, s.l.o.w. the fork down, put my utensil down between bites, and take smaller bites while chewing my food well (all of which helps decrease and prevent GERD by the way).  Chopsticks can help with slowing down and taking smaller bites until you get good with them. And once you do you can challenge yourself by using the OTHER hand!

Have fun today with this challenge while building new brain cells! And again, please be careful with any hot liquids!


Today is a great opportunity to reflect on what challenges you really like and those you’ve struggled with.  Then ask yourself why: why you like the ones you do and how you can work with the others that don’t come as easily.  My biggest struggle continues to be snacking at the counter and nibbling while making dinner (usually tasting the food since I don’t follow recipes and just “wing it”). 

But this month I’ve really made a conscious effort to pay attention and just stop in the moment and say, ‘not now, perhaps later, but right now let’s try something different.’  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  No judgment.  No giving up.  Just trying another time until things start to stick.  Remember you’re likely doing better than you are giving yourself credit for.  

So keep moving forward and in another week or two you will see how far you’ve come based on your effort!  Working on mindful eating skills is such a waste of time… said none of my clients EVER!  It’s such a worthy cause, I really can’t encourage you enough to keep making baby steps, even on those difficult days.  Keep moving forward, baby steps or big ones.  It doesn’t matter.  Focus on progress, HNAT perfection 🙂