DAY # 18


Ever ask yourself that same question?

Ever ask yourself that same question?


Today I will eat at least one meal or snack without any distractions.  I want you to put yourself on a new diet – a distraction-free diet!

The reality is we are a culture constantly plugged into work and social media.  I see it (and did it) all the time: people eating with a fork in one hand and their phone or laptop in the other.

When I first started my mindful eating journey, deleting distractions was a challenge.  I usually ate breakfast on the go, snacks and lunch while working and dinner was often in front of the television because we moved into our new house and didn’t have a dining room table. 

Forcing myself to sit at the table, alone, was excruciating.  I mean, I literally had to sit on my hands to avoid grabbing my phone.  It was painful but I made it through that first meal alone.

And then something happened.  The more I practiced eating without distractions, the more I was able to tune into my true hunger and fullness sensations.  And I started to realize my pattern of overeating because I was distracted or not paying attention to when my body was saying it was content or starting to feel full. 

Now I actually prefer to eat at the table without distractions!  I don’t do it all the time, but I enjoy eating my meals and snacks, thoroughly exploring the flavors, textures and subtle tastes tat we tend to miss unless we are paying attention.

Today, sit and have a meal alone to tune into your meal and body.  Taking the time to tune in and appreciate all aspects of nourishing your body can help you better recognize when you are content or full or just ready to stop eating.  

I’m so very proud of you for taking this journey…