DAY # 18



Today I will utilize all the mindful eating habits I’ve learned  so far and observe any change between yesterday’s UN-mindful eating and today’s MINDFUL EATING.  

Yesterday I ate my favorite breakfast meal unmindfully while working… the Nutrition Atlanta LYB. It’s a blend of plant based yogurt (my dairy-intolerant belly loves it) with raspberries, shredded coconut flakes and bee pollen, and crumbled Super SHE-ro Muffins (recipe here). The first bite was delicious but then I was distracted responding to email and working.  I was mindfully UN-mindful and just couldn’t eat unmindfully.  Does that make sense?  It did to me in the moment, but perhaps I was justifying my behaviors…

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 10.04.22 PM.png

The reality is that the meal situation was physically and mentally difficult because it was painfully evident that I was missing the opportunity of nourishing my body with some of my favorite foods.  And it really made me sad.  So I moved to the table because I HATED missing the opportunity of tasting and thoroughly enjoying my LYB (loaded yogurt bowl).  When you can start to identify a difference between unmindful and mindful eating, it really becomes a no-brainer.  Most of the time.  The majority of the time.  You don’t want to go back to the mindLESS eating because you really miss out, especially when it’s something delicious like a favorite food or something that you looking forward to eating.  

I know after 2+ weeks of cultivating mindful eating skills you are leaps and bounds ahead of where you were when we started 18 days ago!  Keep moving forward cultivating a healthier relationship with yourself and food… it’s one of the most worthwhile habits to focus on!  Just remember, you are exactly where you are supposed to be!