DAY # 2


All bodies are beautiful and deserve our appreciation!

All bodies are beautiful and deserve our appreciation!

Ok MIT {Mindful & Intuitive Tribe} we’re hitting repeat on yesterdays challenge because your amazing body deserves another day for you to appreciate it and be kind to it. I’ll share with you some helpful things that I do regularly and hope this inspires you to create your OWN Body Kindness habits.

MORNING: I’ve gotten into the habit of waking up and immediately tuning into my body before my brain kicks in with the flurry of “to do’s”. I like to stretch and tune into my body from head to toe to see how my body feels. I usually put my hands on my belly and thank it for all the food it will digest. I like to see if I sense any muscle soreness from the day before and if so, thank my body for managing that. When I walk into the bathroom and see myself, instead of picking out my gray hair and wrinkles I say, “Good morning Beautiful!” In the shower I like to thank my body for all it does as I wash each area, feeling the water on my skin. It’s such a peaceful way to enjoy the process instead of running through my day. Try to focus on being present and in the moment because it will help when it’s time to eat.

BREAKFAST: One of my body kindness FOOD defaults is my daily green juice! It makes my belly feel balanced and happy, so I make a priority to purchase the ingredients weekly and make an effort to have make that for breakfast daily. If I skip it at breakfast, I have a back up plan. My goal is to have it by 4pm. The funny thing is that when I skip my green juice, I really really miss it! And then when I drink it at 4pm I swear, my whole body, all the cells feel like they are dancing and thanking me for flooding them with high-vibe nutrition. It just FEELS good in my body and so I like to focus on eating and drinking things that FEEL good and nourish my body.

WATER: I always, well 99.9% of the time never leave the house without a large bottle of water. This is a habit I got into and when I forget, I always regret it. If you meet with me in the office, you’ll notice I usually have 2-3 containers of some liquid. Water is essential to life and this is something I take seriously when it comes to body kindness.

STRETCHING: Another body kindness practice that I find helpful is to get up and MOVE regularly if I’ve been seated for too long. I’ll do a wall stretch (both hands on a wall at waste level and stretch out my hamstrings like I’m in the yoga posture Down Dog anytime I can). If we watch Netflix, I like to sit on the floor and do some stretching because it feels good and I never regret it.

BREATHING: And finally, when I recognize that l’m feeling S-T-R-E-S-S-E-DI immediately stop what I’m doing and take LONG DEEP BREATHES.

Today your focus is to give that awesome body extra kindness! If you can’t LOVE your body, you can be kind and appreciate all that it does behind the scenes to keep you alive. Each and every body, regardless of shape or size, deserves that!