DAY # 2



Good Morning Mindful Eating Family!  This one can be a doozie for the fast eaters out there…

Today I will put my fork or utensil down between each bite and wait for at least 45-60 seconds before taking the next bite.

This is another mindful eating activity designed to  SLOW DOWN fast eating behaviors so that ideally your meal will stretch out to at least 20-25 minutes.  Some people might be rolling their eyes but you owe it to yourself to slow down and enjoy your meals.

During the beginning of my mindful eating journey, I would catch myself shoveling another bite into my mouth before I’ve even chewed and swallowed the previous one.  I started to recognize some habits:  certain foods and textures I eat much faster than others.  When I observed myself doing this I literally laughed out loud and said, “Jennifer, are you involved in an eating contest right now?  What is going on?!?”

Sometimes it’s because I am eating a late lunch (3:30/4pm) and just wasn’t paying attention to my earlier hunger cues.  Other times it’s because I’m zoning out during meals and not paying attention to how food tastes, feels in my body, or recognizing if I’m even enjoying it.  Today by focusing on the skill of slowing down and placing your fork down between bites, it should help you start to pay attention to your personal eating habits.  If you are eating a sandwich, put it down between bites and force yourself to slow. down.  

Remember to continue to focus in on your true hunger levels on a scale of 1-10, sit down for meals, avoid distractions, really savor your first bite, chew your food until the consistency of applesauce and stop when you are 75-80% content.  Don’t forget to say a small prayer, set an intention or give words of thanks for the meal you are about to nourish your body with (are you loving this?  If not, why?).  These are all great skills to continue developing while exploring how you feel about your mindful eating process.  Focus on progress, not perfection. 



Any mindful eating exercises that make you angry or frustrated?  Any that are a struggle in particular for you or some suggestions that you’re really grateful for incorporating?  I don’t know about all of you, but I still struggle with my own mind-less eating habits that I work on daily.  Remember, no judgment.  Just awareness, curiosity and personal observation about whether or not you want to hold onto certain habits or let them go.  We’ve moved into week TWO of the challenge so just reflect on what has or hasn’t changed and why.



Go ahead and get a pair of chopsticks for next week, as well as either some chocolate or an orange/Halo for a mindful eating exercise we will do!  Hint hint on the chocolate: dark chocolate  especially 70% cacao, will provide better health benefits!  Read my blog post about that chocolate stuff here.

I’ve learned that I eat faster than the speed of light and it is extremely difficult to slow down.
During the challenge I’ve let go of my judgment while learning to slow down.

— Pam C, Loganville, GA