DAY # 20


Trader Joe’s Cauliflower gnocchi with arugula = plants and more plants!

Trader Joe’s Cauliflower gnocchi with arugula = plants and more plants!

Happy Saturday MIT!  

If you weren’t able to do the plant challenge yesterday, then you can shoot for it today.  If you don’t have enough veggies or fruit to eat at at least one meal or snack, then head to your grocery store, buy some beautiful produce and review yesterday’s challenge.  

Here’s the rub:  food is either going to GIVE you energy or TAKE IT AWAY.  I’m a big fan of eating foods that GIVE me energy. That’s why I’m obsessed and committed to drinking my daily green juice because it gives me an instant turbo boost in the mornings that I l-o-v-e!  Coffee feels way too stimulating and aggressive on my delicate belly but green juice is like a belly massage + energy giver!

Let’s take a quick tour back to science class.  Remember photosynthesis? That’s when the plants convert sunlight into energy.  That energy is tucked inside the plants cell walls and when you EAT plants (especially raw ones), that energy is transferred into YOUR body.  And when you live on a mostly raw, high vibe diet like I did for 3 years, you can have an abundance of energy.  

I don’t recommend that for everyone because you have to have tremendous digestive strength to support a raw, plant-based diet and you really have to supplement with enough protein to support your activity level.  However, you can add raw plants into your daily routine with your regular diet and just see how it feels from an energy perspective.  

Which is why the plant challenge is one of my fave’s because it really can radically shift your health in a super +++ direction.