DAY # 21



Today I will delete any negative self-talk or thoughts about food and eating or my body.

A little self-criticism can be a good thing if it helps you become a better person or perhaps it’s that necessary reality check we all need from time to time.  But there is a big difference between saying “I don’t have time to eat healthy” and “Making healthy choices is my priority because I want to feel better and increase my energy.”  We all can make time for the things that are important to us and are a top priority.

Today think about the mental conversation, your verbal diet. What’s going on in your head about food or you body, especially if you have a food hangover or any meal choice regret.  Remember, there is no judgment with mindful + intuitive eating, just being open and curious, building and developing awareness of the habits you currently have and the habits that you will make a priority to create. 

Thank your digestive system for always working so hard and if you taxed it during the UNMINDFUL eating challenge or anytime during the challenge, give it some BIG love and appreciation today!

Your mental and verbal dialog can be really eye-opening, painful and interesting!  My mental and verbal dialog was very abusive when I was in college and struggling with a healthy relationship with food (okay and booze, let’s be real here). A past learning lesson during my work day was this: I neglected to schedule a lunch break for myself between clients (correction, I didn’t make it a priority because I wanted to see a new client).  

So when I walked in the door after work, starving- at a 1.75 on the hunger scale, I stopped in my tracks when I heard myself say out loud, “I am going to eat everything in this house.”

Oh really, is that so?  And when I heard myself say that, I laughed out loud at the ridiculousness of it.  Instead I decided to drink water, maybe it was a protein shake, while I prepped a healthy (and quick) meal.  Thankfully I keep prepared salad ingredients ready to go so it’s a matter of throwing things in a bowl and I’m good to go.  Then after I had some protein and veggies in my belly, I thought about what my next meal would be that I really looked forward to.  It was similar to eating down the house, well not really, but in proper portion sizes for the meal related to my level of hunger.


Brene brown quote

Had I given myself permission to “eat everything in this house” I would have put myself in a food coma, felt uber guilty, and would hit repeat on that decade + long pattern.  But since I started paying attention to my verbal diet, I took it as an opportunity to change.  And I was mindful of this possibility happening again and decided to create a plan to prevent it.  Now I never leave the house without at least 2-3 snacks with a refillable water bottle and keep a steady supply of snacks at the office too!  If you check for your cell phone before you check to see if you have snacks and water/fluid with you before you leave your house, you would benefit from addressing your priorities.

Today, listen to that verbal and mental dialog. Think about where it stems from and what you can lovingly replace it with. Use every struggle as an opportunity to change.  Remember, we are all here to grow and evolve into better, healthier, more mindful versions of ourselves. Some days will be easier than others but step by step, little by little, over time you can absolutely change.  Your goal is progress, not perfection!  

You are what you eat AND think and feel and speak. So think and speak kindly to the one you should love the most. YOU!  Today I want you to promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate… 

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution!