day # 21



Today we are going to focus on our breath.  Some of you might already be yawning…but trust me this can be downright transformational!

The only way you can focus on and think about your breath is if you are in the present moment.  Our brain can think about the past, the future, or the present.  Our physical body and breath is always in the present.  So by focusing on your breath, especially before eating or drinking anything, it will pull you into the present moment.  Once you are aware of your breath, once you are in the present moment, that awareness can help you tune into and correctly assess your true hunger as well as decide what you truly want to eat.   

You don’t have to only focus on your breath before meals and snacks or anytime you put food or beverages in your mouth.  You can also focus on your breath while driving, working, and especially during heated arguments and stress.  Most of us hold our breath during stress, but if you can stop and recognize it, then take a deep breath, that oxygen is what your body and brain need to function and operate optimally.  

Before meals and snacks today, I want you to take 3 very long, very slow, deep breaths.  Just check in with your body, tune into your true hunger, observe what’s going on, and bring yourself into the moment and the act of eating.

If you focus on your breath throughout the day, for 66 days, real magic and healing starts to take place.  You can start to breath in only positive thoughts and then exhale negative ones.  There are many types of breathing exercises you can do for digestion, energy and stress management (ton’s on you tube).  Since our breath is automatic, we don’t give it much attention.  But if we stop breathing, we stop living.  So today, focus on this automatic function that we rarely give much thought to.

Enjoy focusing on your life-giving, essential breath!




Think about where you were three weeks ago when you started the challenge and where you are today.  What challenges do you enjoy and which ones have been a struggle?  What habits are you ready to let go of?  Remember focus on progress, not perfection!