Day # 23



Today I will recognize when I slip into mindless eating or zoning out during meals.

Stay present during your meals, avoid common distractions and pay attention to how food feels in your body every step of the way.  If you are eating alone, while watching TV or checking your phone, it’s very easy to start zoning out.  Which is why being distracted is a big challenge when cultivating and practicing mindful eating skills!   While eating your meals and snacks today, pay attention to each bite, and chew your food well until it is the consistency of applesauce.  If you do check out, just focus on your breath to pull you into the present moment and reconnect with the activity of eating again.    

Your goal is to stay fully aware and mindful throughout your meals and snacks today.  Pay close attention to when you zone out, if any.  You miss the opportunity to not only enjoy all the flavors, textures and taste of your food, but also the chance to truly nourish yourself.  When you stop tasting and enjoying your food, you really should stop eating.  Stay present, enjoy each bite, and stop when you are content versus full.  You can do this…