DAY # 24


The Netflix + food trance….

The Netflix + food trance….

Today I will eat a meal or snack while distracted and see if it increases or decreases the satisfaction factor of the meal.

Personally, I don’t like to eat while distracted anymore because a) I always ALWAYS wind up eating more than I intended and physically don’t feel great afterwards and b) I don’t taste the food as much when I’m not looking at it, eating it, and paying attention to my fullness sensations.

Some habits will be harder to release than others, so give yourself some wiggle room to make the changes when you are ready to.  When you are ready and willing to make the changes, you will. Forcing the change is going to create friction and resistance.

I still struggle with eating at the counter while prepping food (mostly because it’s a habit) but then when I sit down to eat dinner, I’m already half full and then it’s a struggle to stop eating when I’m content. 

So pay attention to your personal struggle and be willing to explore why you do it and how you can change it (if you genuinely want to).  

Today eat while distracted and extract your personal learning lesson from the experience!