DAY # 24


Ok so you’re really warmed up and ready for this challenge. Wanted to wait until we were in the final stretch before I threw out this one because for some it’s gonna be eye OPENING! And since sugar is implicated in just about every disease process from diabetes, obesity and cancer it’s important to understand how much of this stuff you are putting into your body.


Today I will pay attention to where sugar is hiding in my food. 

Every bottle, box, can, and container of food you consume today review the Nutrition Facts label and see how much sugar is in a serving (also are your serving sizes appropriate??).  Women are recommended to have no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day (24 grams total of added sugar) and men no more than 9 teaspoons of added sugar per day (36 grams total of added sugar).  Don’t sweat the naturally occurring sugars in fruit, plain-flavored dairy, and vegetables (like sweet potatoes).  Just for reference a Blueberry Yoplait yogurt is 18 grams of sugar (some of this is natural occurring sugars from dairy btw) and a can of coke is 39 grams of pure sugar, nothing “natural” about it.  The coke is over the recommended amount of added sugar for both women and men.

Continue to or get into the habit of reading labels and see if you can spot an ingredient that is sugar without saying it’s sugar.  The new labeling laws should assist with understanding how much added sugars are in the item you are about to consume, but it’s also lurking in things you might not realize like salad dressings, ketchup, tomato sauce, cereals and granola, flavored yogurts, frozen foods (including pizza).  This suggestion is to help you become more aware of how much sugar you may unknowingly be consuming and can prevent you getting the health results you deserve.  PS: this will be difficult if you dine out….but you can see if the nutrition information is listed on MyFitnessPal.

And for those of you who don’t eat much sugar or processed foods (anything in a can, bottle, box, jar, container) and feel this won’t be much of a challenge, you can always revisit a day or mindful eating skill that you struggled with.  Make it worth your time and energy today but for the rest of us let’s get a grip on your sugar intake!



80% of the 600,00 food products sold in the U.S. have added sugar.