DAY # 26



Today I will eat my favorite food! 

Today I want  you  to only eat the things you TRULY enjoy, in moderation, and stop when you are 75-80% full instead of feeling FULL or worse, STUFFED.  Your goal today is to eat your favorite foods until you feel content.  You could eat more, and you might later, but right now you are just experimenting with “content” and seeing how it feels to nourish your body with the food you enjoy instead of punishing it.  What can happen is you are laying down the blueprint for a new you.  A new relationship with eating your favorite foods.  Building solid confidence one meal at a time that you can eat and enjoy your favorite foods without guilt or judgment.  

Another way of eating that can help you slow down and stop when you are content, is what many already do.   Every time you eat a bite of food, look at it, smell it, explore the tastes like it is the first time you have ever eaten it.  Take a breath, give a word of thanks for the food you are about to build your body with, and slow the fork down!  

Today I want you to be very thoughtful about what you decide to eat.  I really want you to choose foods that you love, mindfully, without judgment and until you feel content and not full or stuffed.  You can either use a smaller dish to serve yourself or leave 2-3 bites at each meal and snack that you can eat later today.  Don’t interpret this as “let me binge eat or abuse my body today by eating junk all day” unless that is your path (which is very difficult to do if you are staying mindful and following all the mindful eating skills you’ve learned in the past 3+ weeks!)  

But if you slip in old habits and behaviors, no judgment.  My hope for you is that you enjoy healthy foods and balanced meals.  But if not, I want you to feel what a day of eating your favorite foods feels like from a physical, mental, emotional and energetic perspective.  

The reason I want you to eat your favorite food today is so you can learn to eat it on another level of enjoyment, ideally no guilt.  

Day 27 eat what you love-1.png



Ok, what is your favorite foods?  I love my loaded avocado toast, green juice, yogurt bowls, salads, stir-fry with cauliflower rice and roasted sweet potatoes (see my Instagram feed: @newtrition if you don’t already follow me).  Also tiramisu and other treats.  So I will definitely find something that I’ve been craving for awhile and enjoy a smaller portion very mindfully.  Do the same and let me know how it works for you!