DAY # 32



Today’s challenge was inspired by a situation that happened to me during one of the challenges.  It’s an example of how you can turn ALL food obstacles into opportunities….

I enjoyed a delicious and healthy dinner with my other half – totally content with the meal.  That was until Tim decided to toast a piece of the speciality chocolate cherry sourdough bread he bought the weekend before.  With about a piece left (cue the panic-driven deprived emotions) suddenly I wanted to eat something too. Not the bread, that felt too heavy because I was “content”, but maybe something small and chocolate-flavored. Now that I practice mindful eating skills, I always keep a steady supply of premium chocolate bars so that I have what I need when the mood strikes me. And YES this is a major shift from my old diet days when tempting food could HNAT be in the house!

Next thing you know I’m slowly and mindfully eating about ¼ cup of the ABC pudding I made (ABC= avocado, banana, cacao pudding – see my chocolate blog here for the recipe).  That is all we had left, thankfully.  But 20 minutes later, I’m feeling full.  Not overly full, but after eating until I am content and Hnat full, this sensation of even mildly “full” feels, well, a tad bit uncomfortable.  And I’m still full 2.5 hours later at bedtime. I don’t plan on doing this again because I felt like I ate too much and it really felt uncomfortable in my body at my level of mindful awareness.  This coming from someone who used to habitually overeat and eat until I felt sick because food tasted so good. So instead of beating myself up, you focus on identifying the lesson. Moving forward, I’m going to pay attention to how my hubby might UNKNOWINGLY influence my decision to continue eating or influence my food choices.  

There are times when we have to deal with voluntary and involuntary food pushers.  Occasionally Tim will fall into that role, “just take a bite (of this treat after you said you were content)” or “just have one piece (of this pizza even though you said no three times).”  I can’t blame it on him. Not this time. Grabbing the last of the ABC pudding was 100% my decision. But if I followed one of the easiest mindful eating skills → rating my hunger levels on a scale of 1-10 before everything, dessert included, with the goal of staying somewhere between a 3 and 7, and more importantly tapped into the emotions I was feeling, I would have skipped out on eating the pudding.  The truth is I did sense what was going on. I felt the old familiar feeling of – here we go again.  Food FOMO + deprivation. He’s going to eat up the chocolate cherry bread (again) and not leave anything for me so I better eat it now, even though I don’t really WANT it right now.  I want it when I want it but if I wait to eat it when I want it, it will be gone and then I will miss out, yet again.

Today, think about people, situations (ie: TV!), or feelings that might influence what, when, how, and/or how much food you might eat.  Just pay attention, without judgment. Remember to use every struggle as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and always always focus on progress, not perfection!