DAY # 36



You are warmed up after the 30-Day Challenge with the essential mindful eating skills that you will want to continue to practice as well as yesterday’s body love.  Today’s focus will be about connecting to your food during the act of eating. In order to do that and really zone in on it you’ll want to do the following:

*  Delete distractions at meal/snack times

*  Look at your food as if it is the first time you have ever seen it and notice all the colors, textures, and perhaps temperature, smell it and observe what you are thinking about    

*  Close your eyes with the very first time to explore the taste, textures and temperature with your mouth and tongue

* Chew your food until it is the consistency of applesauce and continue focusing on the chewing and swallowing process mindfully.  How does the taste change as you chew? Think about where the food is going and if it’s going to provide energy or zap it.

Focusing on these together will help you stay present during your meal and appreciate your food on another level.  Feel free to have your favorite foods today to experience them at a higher level of awareness and appreciation.

If you can’t do this for all your meals and snacks, then pick at least one meal where you can slow down and make this your focus.  During the 37-Day Intensive we will be utilizing multiple skills as during mealtimes to enhance your cultivation of the mindful eating skills!  Great job – think about the areas that you have a good grip on and those that need some improvement. Notice any areas of resistance and why that may be the case.  

Now that I have different flatware I am eating my yogurt with a smaller spoon and that has made a positive impact on my bite sizes [they are much smaller], which has forced me to slow down while allowing me to enjoy my food more.  Instead of wolfing it down while distracted in front of the computer, I am looking at each bite, focusing on the tastes and textures, and slowing down so that I can listen to how much food my body needs. After practicing this, you will be able to eye-ball your portions better based on your hunger levels (because you will have created the habit of checking in with that).

When you incorporate mindful eating skill upon skill it has a ripple effect in other areas of your eating habits, some expected and some not so much. Do the best you can and learn from each opportunity. Remember focus on progress, not perfection.