DAY # 5



Today I will take my first bite with my eyes closed, taking the time to taste the first bite as if it was my first bite of this food ever.

One way of really experiencing your food on another levels is to close your eyes for that first bite. Everything around you seems to melt away as you place your focus on how that bite of food smells, tastes, and feels in your mouth and on your tongue.  The experience can be pure enjoyment and a simple way to connect you to your food.  It’s the best way to truly enjoy it and because we are so distracted with umpteen things to do each day, it’s amazing how often we don’t truly stop and appreciate our food.  

Once I started on my mindful journey I really started to pay attention to the foods I LOVED and the ones, eh, Hnat so much (remember my last name is “Hnat” and it’s pronounced “not”).  Closing your eyes and really exploring the flavors, textures, temperature of your food will help to further develop your mindful eating skills.  If you are like me, you will start to close your eyes and truly savor your sweet treats.  As a recovered sugar addict who has firmly established a healthier relationship with the sweet stuff, I have finally learned to enjoy it very mindfully and understand why I might crave it.  One personal discovery is that when I drink alcohol, even one glass of red wine or champagne, my blood sugars are WAY out of whack the next day.  Guess what do I crave the most?  Sugar.  Candy.  Sweets.  Anything to boost my depleted serotonin levels the cheap and easy way.  I know how damaging sugar is to the body – we will go more into it one day during the challenge.  So I am on high alert and keep my food choices super clean and green the day after to balance out those loopy blood sugar levels.

Today try to close your eyes as much as possible to truly savor your first bite of food.  The more you practice this technique, I can promise that your level of food enjoyment will be enhanced!



Don’t be afraid to email me and let me know how you are doing during this challenge so far! You are not alone in this; I am here for you every step of the way!



I like to keep a quick online  daily journal of the changes I experience since it’s easy to forget all the exciting shifts at day 30!  You can easily add to your calendar on your phone or of you journal in in the notes section.