DAY # 8


Making peace with food.jpg

Okay MIT yesterday was a bit easier with eating at a table on the weekend (it was for me) but during the weekday this can be a struggle if you have a hectic schedule. Make the time to sit, even for 5-10 minutes, and nourish your body at meals and snacks or at least ONE meal.  

Taking the time to focus on the act of eating will change your satisfaction factor.  What I mean by that is when you sit at a table in a chair and eat your meal off a plate, not only do you signal to your body that meals are consumed while seated at a table, but also you give your eyes the chance to view your meal and portion sizes.  This is important because up to 40% of the satisfaction you derive from your food is because you SEE it. 

If you eat out of a bag, wrapper, or container and don’t get to visually SEE your food, it’s hard to assess if you’ve provided yourself with enough food based on your hunger level.  

This mindful eating skill is one of those slow needle movers for most clients. I know the first time I sat at my dining room table by myself for a meal, it was torture.  But over time, I actually look forward to eating alone in silence (or with soft music on) so that I can focus on savoring each bite of my food.

Avoid setting yourself up for “diet culture” rules like “I will ALWAYS sit at the table” for meals.  Using extremes like always and never can set you up for failure and negative thoughts. Focus on making baby steps, leaning into any resistance, and learning more about why you do what you do with food.

You’re likely doing better than you give yourself credit for and if you’re falling into old patterns, take a step back to examine and recognize your personal trigger.

If you didn’t think about what challenges you felt good about last week, take 5 minutes to think about what’s working and why.  Make a commitment that you will push yourself a little during this challenge but also pat yourself on the back for working towards true food peace while everyone is neck-deep in trendy diets.  Don’t worry, the majority of people they’ll fizzle out by the end of the month.

You’ll be grateful you made the effort to establish this type of self-care!

The art of eating around a table has gotten lost in our society but with conscious effort, it can become a ritual you enjoy and feel like a gift that you’ve given yourself!