The food struggle is real.

If you experience a funky relationship with food and your body you are not alone (ps: my first diet started at 16 and I battled with yo-yo dieting for multiple decades). Over two-thirds of women experience some form of dysfunctional eating and an unbalanced relationship with food. Men suffer similar challenges with a staggering 70% increase in disordered eating. How and why you eat impacts everyone in your inner circle including your significant other, loved ones, and especially your children and family. Your personal eating habits have a direct impact on your energy, mood, quality of thoughts, level of health, and how you get through your day. Food profoundly affects everything.   

Join me for my revolutionary, 4-week virtual 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge. This supportive Mind-Body-Food Reboot program is designed to help you get a grip on your food struggle(s), whatever it may be, without judgment. You will reconnect to your intuitive eating wisdom, reframe the way you think about food, increase your personal nutrition IQ and develop a better relationship with your body.  

If you feel uncomfortable in your skin or clothes, struggle with what to eat and are confused about nutrition, avoid fun activities because of your body image, or have tried every trendy diet out there without sustainable results, then this is most likely the missing piece you’ve been looking for. And if you learn and strategically utilize even 5% of the mindful eating skills taught in this program, you can eliminate up to 80% of your personal food struggles. You deserve a more joyful existence, so get ready for the changes and personal upgrade!