• Mindful Eating Skills to delete the diet mentality and establish a healthier relationship with food and your body

• Chronic Adult Dieting with Mindful Eating Skills

• Gastrointestinal conditions including IBS (C/D), GERD and constipation and a low FODMAP diet

• Food Allergies and Intolerances, including wheat, soy, dairy, gluten, etc

• Bariatric Surgery (pre and post-op nutrition appointments)

• Diabetes (Type I and II) and Pre-diabetes

• Cardiovascular Disease, including high blood pressure/hypertension, high cholesterol, high triglycerides

• Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Colitis, Crohn’s)

• Hypoglycemia



During your nutrition counseling appointment, Jennifer will provide evidence-based and personalized nutrition therapy to improve or maintain your health, educate you on macronutrients needs (carbohydrates, protein, fat), increase energy levels, enhance your mental or physical performance, and end your struggle with food by utilizing mindful eating approach.

Nutrition counseling with Jennifer can help you achieve your goals through mindful eating and lifestyle habits. She will provide suggestions that are easy to follow and fit into your lifestyle. Working with Jennifer can provide that extra education from a dietitian, support and motivation necessary for successful and sustainable results.



Jennifer started Nutrition Atlanta to help clients change the way they look at food. One of her greatest passions in life is guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle at a pace that is comfortable to the client. Jennifer recognizes and relates to the daily struggles that people go through – trying to make healthy choices while being confused by the latest trendy “diet” or new weight loss pill.

In the past a well-balanced diet was all you needed to focus on in order to maintain health and wellness. But in today’s fast-paced society, we are bombarded with the latest and greatest fad diets and very confusing nutritional information regarding health and disease. Working with a registered dietitian nutritionist, the most qualified nutrition-expert, can successfully bridge the gap and end the food struggle. Jennifer will determine your personalized nutrition plan outlining suggestions to reach your personal health aspirations while educating you on how your body works.



Do you want to know the secret about the clients on the testimony page? They all were ready and willing to make changes and replace their current beliefs + habits for better ones. If you are not ready, you won’t make the changes. But too many clients say the same thing… I wish I had started this process sooner. If this is you then let’s get started!



Nutrition Atlanta accepts all major credit cards, Venmo, cash, checks (payable to Nutrition Atlanta),HSA/FSA (health savings and flexible savings account) and will provide a superbill/invoice for the appointment upon request to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Clients pay for all nutrition appointments at the time of your visit. It is always recommended to contact your insurance company for details on your specific coverage related to your health condition before scheduling your initital 90-minute consultation. If you have a doctor referral please have them fax the referral and diagnostic code to Jennifer Hnat, RDN, Nutrition Atlanta at 844-308-8871.