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I recently had a disturbing visit with my doctor and was told I would have to go on medication.

I was diabetic, had high cholesterol, LDL and triglyceride levels. I was determined to avoid pharmaceutical drugs and motivated to change my diet and lifestyle. Three months after following my customized Nutrition Atlanta health plan my blood work showed a radical improvement. Below are my 12/2019 lab results:

A1C down from 6.9% to 5.7% in just three months!
Total cholesterol down from 250mg/dL to 199mg/dL
Triglycerides slashed in half from 326 to 167
LDL decreased from 134 to 117
And ALT down a bit from 47 to 44

So all movement in the positive direction! 🙂
This gives me the motivation to continue this healthy trend! Thanks so much for all your thorough nutrition guidance, recipes and help Jennifer, I will avoid medication after changing my diet and lifestyle!!


The best gift I’ve given myself is Jennifer’s 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge because I finally, finally have a sense of peace around food.

I can even have tempting treats in my house without them calling my name! What a miracle, I didn’t think this could be possible after struggling with diets since I was 8 years old. I was the “chubby” one in my family and was always on or off diets for over 40 years.

It’s hard for me to realize that was my life for so long, but I’m happy to feel like I’m on the other side of the food struggle now. I wasn’t really sure what mindfulness was and didn’t think it was possible for me to listen to my intuitive wisdom.

But the daily challenges started to help me identify habits that I created from the anxiety and emotional triggers that plagued me. I’ve learned so much about myself and my relationship with food, lost some weight (although Jennifer stresses this isn’t the main focus) and continue on the mindful path daily. She’s so knowledgeable about this because she’s been through her own struggle and helps you find the silver lining in every situation.

I highly recommend the 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge if you have dieted, struggle with body image issues or have a tumultuous relationship with food.

— A.K. Marietta, GA

I have lost 200 pounds (over half my body weight) since bariatric weight loss surgery (sleeve) in June 2015. Thanks for everything Jennifer! You’ve given me the mindful eating help, nutrition knowledge and encouragement to be a better, healthier me and I’ll forever be thankful! On January 1, 2016 I started a 1000 miles a year challenge and in October I hit 1007 miles and ranked 815 out of 21,701! I’m down to a size 8 and finished my second half marathon and now training for a FULL marathon! I can’t believe how my life has changed and I could NOT have done this without you!

— G.L., Marietta, GA

The other day, my friend said to me “you have such a healthy relationship with food” and it really made me think, you have a lot to do with that Jennifer!! After my friends comment it made me reflect how it came to me organically to me after our work together.

My first appointment with Jennifer was in 2016.  I saw her to better educate myself in the amount and type of nutrients my body needed.  Today, I look back on my 2016 goals, and they included: finding a variety of healthy foods to cook, not overeating, and understanding the value of food for my body.

She introduced me to varieties of foods, including new grocery stores and brands.
She helped me understand eating for nutrition, and guided me to reflect on how certain foods made my body FEEL. 

I was never one to think about how great I felt after a meal. It was always the opposite. I often thought about how horrible I felt after a meal.  Guilty, bloated, uncomfortable, disappointed —- just a few words that come to mind.
Jennifer helped me with my relationship with food. She taught me the difference between feeling satisfied and content, versus overly full.  If I had a feeling of fullness and bloating, it’s ok.  Take it in. Understand which food made me feel that way. Was it worth it? Will I make a different decision next time?

The best tool Jennifer gave me was to delete negative self-talk.  Now, three years later, I still continue to pay attention to how food affects my satiety level, belly, mood and energy.  Her mindful eating theory has stuck with me through the years.

— C.S., Atlanta, GA

Working with Jennifer has been a real life-changer for me. I used to struggle to get out of bed and was in a bad mood all day. I never understood the connection between food and how it affected my mood! But that quickly changed as my old favorite foods that I used to live & die for like organic potato chips or raw chocolate chip cookie dough eventually lost their appeal as I practiced mindful eating skills. Imagine my surprise to discover that they don’t even taste good anymore! In the past when I did eat slices of cookie dough I would have to take a nap – I never understood the connection.

I just thought I was tired all the time. Now I realize the lack of energy was due to the constant cravings for sugar and milk. Every day I would have a Coke or Diet Coke with microwave popcorn at 4 o’clock and then wonder why I would fall asleep. Now I love eating healthy foods and taking care of my body by eating balanced meals including my favorite foods. I understand the importance so that I can be a good role model for my family, in fact, my husband is on the program because he wants to feel as good as I do!

I used to get the common cold just like everyone else but now thankfully that is a thing of the past. I have the energy and motivation to get through my day instead of being in a bad mood all the time. Jennifer helped me mindfully connect the dots to understand how certain foods were working against my metabolism and my energy goals. Once I got more in tuned with my body, it became easy. Thank you so much for teaching me how, when and why to eat. It really has changed my life!

When I look in the mirror I like what I see! I look better than my mom did at my age. I can’t believe where I have lost the weight because my body has shifted and changed so much. Such drastic changes that I had to get all my clothes altered! Everyone should have such problems, right? But the biggest change is the life-long changes and healthier attitude towards how I eat and nourish my body. The weight loss has been a bonus.

— J.A., Atlanta, GA

I came to Jennifer 9 months ago feeling completely oppressed by food. Instead of a source of energy and enjoyment, it was a guilt-filled burden weighing down on my life. I hardly knew what exactly I wanted to achieve, but I knew that I did not want to spend my life in fear of the very thing that sustains it.

I cannot remember a time that I was not thinking about food. When I was a child, I periodically swore off or incorporated certain foods whenever someone dropped a snippet of information about them. Already picky, I’d stopped eating my daily salami sandwiches when I heard they’d make me break out. I’d looked at macadamia nuts in fear when I heard they had a high fat content. I chomped on carrots trying to strengthen my eyesight. As in many cases, a little well-intentioned knowledge was a dangerous thing.

I was a highly active and already naturally-thin high-schooler running track and cross country, playing soccer and dancing ballet. With that, I was further thrown into a world where knowing just a little but not quite enough got me into trouble. Before I knew it, my desire to stay lean for better performance consumed my life. My list of forbidden foods grew longer and longer and the anxiety surrounding eating rose.

Ironically, I didn’t achieve the goals I wanted. I was weak and spent more time suffering from constant illness and injuries than out with my teammates and fellow dancers. I wondered why no matter how many push-ups and crunches I cranked out, I never seemed to put on muscle. Part of me knew something wasn’t right, but a bigger part of me reminded me of all that I’d read about people with “real” eating issues. I wasn’t “that bad,” I reasoned. Sometimes, I’d feel too thin and put on a few pounds to prove to myself that I could. But it was rarely long before the number glaring on the scale sent me back.

It wasn’t until I went to my physical the summer before college where amenorrheric and thin, I was finally told my habits had to change. Terrified of the potential consequences, I ate and ate desperate to get healthy enough to continue my competitive running career.

My freshmen year began and my habits swung in a whole new direction. Overwhelmed by a new environment and experiences I hadn’t prepared myself for, food became my method of drowning my emotions. My negative feelings about myself manifested themselves in my attempts to swallow my feelings in the late-night snacks I guiltily crammed into my mouth. My weight climbed higher and I only felt worse as days went on. I was eating foods I knew weren’t good for me, foods that just a year before would have brought me to the brink of tears had they even made contact with my “safe” foods.

I finally called Jennifer after a year of this knowing that I was disrespecting my body and exhausted from keeping up a happy front when I was struggling so much in moments alone. After months of working with her, I once again enjoy my food. Eating mindfully with intention has become a priority, but is no longer an obsession. Putting good foods in my body is simply a no-brainer. I know that I deserve it. Eating this way not only makes me feel physically good, but mentally and emotionally, I am in the best place I have ever been.

By allowing myself to experiment and make mistakes, I have begun to learn what foods really works for me. Making changes in small increments, writing out my thoughts on what I was doing and referring back to Jennifer’s action plans regularly helped me most. It kept me thinking critically and engaged in the experience. There were times that I fell off track but the less I beat myself up about it, the easier it was to get right back on.

These months have helped me reclaim my life and even now that I have been inspired to research graduate school and career options in nutrition, food is just one part of my life. Without guilt, stress and frustration associated with food, I have time to actually go out and live! My grades are getting back up, I’m far more confident and I feel better every day. My challenges are no longer something I am ashamed about, instead, I love the questions I get as they give me the chance to spread all I have learned about health and wellness.

— C.G., Atlanta, GA

When I turned 46, I gave myself a wonderful birthday present – an appointment with a registered dietitian nutritionist! After two decades of dieting, and thinking I knew what was good for me and what wasn’t, it was long overdue. It has been almost 6 months since my gift to myself, and I have lost 11 pounds the mindful way.

Now, back in the day, I would have scoffed at that measly weight loss. I was accustomed to losing at least two pounds a week – of course, I was also accustomed to gaining the same amount in the following weeks. So, I was a yo-yo dieter. For the most part, I carried weight evenly throughout my body, so I didn’t appear grossly overweight, but I knew that I was too big, and I also knew that my unhealthy habits were not going to serve me well as I aged.

Jennifer’s 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge helped me understand why I would eat the way I did and the bonus was that my weight loss has been slow and steady; I have never been ravenously hungry; in fact, I feel better now than I can remember. I am replacing the bad “diet” habits of a lifetime with positive ones. I am treating my body the way it deserves to be treated, thanks to the incredible knowledge I am gaining from working with Jennifer.

I think she is part nutritionist/part psychologist! She understands the psychology of eating and toxic diet culture so well, and she is wonderful about encouraging me every step of the way. The times that I have felt run down or tired of being mindful, she has really invigorated me and put me back on track. She reminds me that this is about making positive life changes, and after 46 years of less than optimal choices, it is natural that this process is going to take some time. Happily, Jennifer is always there with her positive attitude and insight.

Science has come such a long way, and Jennifer is a scientist. She understands the enormous impact that food has on our health. You truly are what you eat, and now, more than ever, it is important to know what you are putting in your body. Jennifer is up to date on all the latest trends and news, so you can rely on her knowledge to ferret out what is true and what it just the latest fad.

I am still a few pounds from my non-diet approach to my goal weight and still working to revise my relationship with the scale, but for the first time in a very long time, I am confident that I will be able to maintain a normal weight without the struggle for the rest of my life. My “optimal health” life!

— L.G., Atlanta, GA

Who ever heard of going on a field trip to the grocery store. But that is just where Jennifer took me. The purpose was to see what I was buying and determine if there were better choices I could make. For most it could be an intimidating experience but Jennifer made it fun and informational. She never made me feel guilty for “bad” choices, just pointed out a more nutritious option and backed it up with a wealth of information and said to just pay attention to how food “feels” in my body.

Jennifer taught me which vegetables and fruit are worth buying organic as well as the best way to wash and prepare conventional produce. She taught me the correct way to read the nutrition label and which ingredients to stay away from (food allergy), but that was just the beginning. I would absolutely recommend Jennifer to anyone that wants to mindfully lose weight or just wants to make healthier food choices. She’s energetic, non-judgmental, listens well and most of all so enthusiastic about good nutrition it’s addictive! I am looking forward to another field trip this time to Whole Foods.

— D. U., Atlanta, GA

I contacted Jennifer because I was tired of yo-yo dieting and feeling down about my weight. When I first met Jennifer she told me I will never have to diet again nor do I need to weigh myself. This was music to my ears. No more dieting! She then explained the healthy living plan. What I liked most was the plan was designed especially for me (no one plan fits all like most diets).

I am a very picky eater with some medical issues and Jennifer put together a plan that would work well for me. She explained portion sizes based on my health condition, general guidelines on calories, carbs, and proteins while learning how to listen to my body. Jennifer also provided some delicious recipes.

And I was never hungry after nourishing my body with balanced meals. The first week I lost weight which kept me motivated to continue to lose weight each week (Jennifer stressed is not the ultimate goal but a bonus). Within a couple of weeks, I no longer craved sweets. Something I thought was impossible! Jennifer was very thorough and truly cares about her clients. She is passionate about healthy living and it shows. I could not have reached my health goal without Jennifer’s help. Thank you!

— K.G., Atlanta, GA

Why can’t I get it? This is the question I asked Jennifer. After talking about my past history I finally came to the conclusion, I don’t get it because I am going about it in the wrong way.

Diet after diet, I would lose the weight for a little while only to backslide and gain it back plus more. By feeling deprived and staying hungry, the reason why all my dieting failed, as is with most diets. By not having to give up some of my favorite foods or drinks I did not feel deprived. Weight loss in the past consisted of deprivation, eating certain “healthy” foods or not eating at all. By learning how to eat more mindfully to replace my bad diet habits, not skipping meals as well as eating more balanced meals in moderation, I feel very satisfied.

I have also incorporated some exercise, which in my case is walking and some pilates. My future plans are to add other forms of aerobic exercise for variety and weight training. With Jennifer’s help and encouragement she is showing me new mindful ways of looking at food and coping with stress. I have learned not to beat myself up for being human and backsliding into old habits. Journaling has been an instrumental part of my changing lifestyle. This is what it is all about, sustainable lifestyle changes, not diets. This is no longer a word in my vocabulary.

I find myself constantly becoming more aware of my food intake. Reading labels before I purchase to make sure it is conducive to my health concerns. Some positive changes I have made: before I have that first cup of coffee, I drink at least 16 oz of water and eat a Dan-Active. THEN I drink coffee. The water has been huge for me. I start my day in a positive, hydrated way. My goal is to eventually drink tea instead of coffee which is loaded with caffeine and might be negatively impacting me.

I have lost 22 pounds in five months whereas in the past I would try to lose 20 pounds in one month. My attitude today is focus on the mindful and intuitive skills as I continue to move forward in a balanced manner, both physically and mentally. The “D” word is no longer in my vocabulary. Today it is a lifestyle change. I have a long way to go before I reach my goal weight, but for now I have learned to take baby steps, small goals. I am very happy with myself, my progress and the positive changes I am choosing to make me a healthier person. Finally, I think I get it!

— P.Z., Marietta, GA

For the last 20 years I have been reading about healthy living and healthy lifestyles. I know what to do, but I was missing “how” to do it. No matter how much I read, without support, I found myself constantly starting a healthy plan but within days, sometimes hours, I was back to where I began feeling depressed and disappointed in myself.

I desperately needed a mentor, someone to help me, support me, and encourage me to live the balanced life that I desperately desired. I did not want anyone; I wanted someone who truly lived the life that I desired to live and could help me “stay on track” with my sustainable life plan. Then one day a friend told me about Jennifer Hnat. My friend had an appointment with Jennifer, and she encouraged me to see if I liked her and her suggestions.

I was so excited to meet Jennifer and to know that she was exactly what I was looking for. Jennifer’s experience with living a balanced, mindful life is vital to helping me understand what is necessary for me to get on track and begin living the healthy life I want to live. She has many recipes, suggestions for delicious products, and suggestions for thought processes to insure success with my suggestions. At each meeting we make a plan that I can easily follow leading me closer and closer to my goals.

Today I am on a month-long balanced-eating program, and Jennifer is always there for me, just a phone call or e-mail away! She is very accessible and helping others is truly her passion. Getting my diet on track has been one of the biggest gifts I have ever given myself. I have easy to follow and enjoyable guidelines for my food. I feel great and I am so happy with the choices I make regarding my health.

— S.G., Smyrna, GA

Many people budget their checkbook or their household cash flow each month, so why not budget your food too? This has been a critical benefit of working with Jennifer as she creates an awareness of balanced eating but also about tracking your food with a simple App on your phone to help you connect with food and sustainable energy. With Jennifer’s guidance and educating me about what foods I need for my body, I was able to lose 70 pounds and keep it off. I’m in finance and the App helps you to balance your food, track recipes, and most importantly learn about calorie content and portion size. to adequately nourish my body

My challenge for years was eating too much volume, and not eating a balance of complex carbs, protein, and fat. Limiting processed foods in-a-box to smaller, balanced portions while feasting on Greek yogurt, fruit and whole foods has been a tremendous help and taste delicious. You might be surprised how often Pinot Noir shows up on my balanced “food budget” without guilt. Jennifer even recommended that I enjoy regular ice cream with my kids!

Jennifer’s method is basic and fundamental…cultivate mindful eating skills, balance the food quality, and results should follow. I feel very fortunate to be advised by Jennifer and highly recommend her services!

— C.M., Atlanta, GA

After eating yet another entire pizza solo throughout an evening early in the year, I finally started to realize I was always eating seconds and thirds, finishing bottles of wine in a few days and this was not normal. It was so difficult to admit to myself let alone admit to others that I binge eat, regardless how normal it may be. I was mostly eating well, eating adventurously, tons of fruits and veggies, and meal prepping but falling back into those habits of dictating what I could and couldn’t eat. I realized to be truly self-disciplined my body had to be the one to dictate my hunger instead of my brain trying to control my hunger.

I still have a long long way to go in mindful eating practices but this 30-Day Challenge has been so useful and eye opening. I’m pretty sure I used to not chew my food. The fact that I can have anything I want is liberating! Not anything I want as long as I don’t exceed certain calories (diet belief) but anything I want as long as I listen to my body (intuitive eating). My mind still has a tendency to try to take over the rest of my body dictating what I want.

I am so thankful for you Jennifer and this 30 Day online program you’ve created. This challenge is truly counter-culture and goes against my type a nature of wanting to lean on science and control everything via my brain. This is sustainable, I can feel it. I watch so much less television (another goal in my self-discipline journey), I enjoy my meals that I spend days/hours planning and prepping, and I’m becoming less scared to have things like pizza and ice cream hanging out in my house. This is a big positive shift!

— M.D., Atlanta, GA

I did not know what to expect getting into this 30-Day Challenge. You hear “mindfulness” and know the basics however this journey with you Jennifer really opened my eyes. I now see triggers and am not afraid to dive deeper to the root.

This challenge has given me a better connection to my body and my emotions when it comes to food. Jennifer you go on this journey with us and share your daily experiences, this is so comforting…we are not alone on this journey.

Your empathy and understanding of the daily challenges really touched me. This 30-day experience has taught me to be kinder to myself and to enjoy my life journey. I am looking at everything with new eyes and have a huge appreciation for life and living all due to you and this transformation 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge. Thank you!

— S.M., Canada