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The Deets: I only recommend products that share my ethos, I use all the time, am crushing on, or feel aligned + confident giving them my stamp of approval.  PS: some links happen to be affiliate which means if you shop through my page, I may get a commission for sharing it with you {nope, you don't pay more}.  Bonus 'cuz I was gonna share it with you regardless!

My one-stop spot for my fave foods, kitch essentials, supplements, skin care, books, travel tips, and mindful living resources!

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Health is Wealth is my motto and Liberty has saved us thousands of dollars each year. Insurance deductibles continue to skyrocket so check 'em out if you want to save $$$!

Liberty Healthshare


Cost-effective option for clean, delish water. A friend kept going on about 'Berkey water". After I tasted it I was hooked. Get a shower filter too... you'll thank me later.

Berkey Water Filter


Your body is 70% water so quality water is so important for optimal health. Installed the home filter so we have clean water to cook with, clean produce with bath in, and drink!

Pure Effect H2O Filter 


Another option for pure sourced essential oils, teas, spices, cooking oils + natural pet care.  I buy essential oils from Nadine at Living Libations OR with MRH. 

Mt Rose Herbs


Loving this clean beauty line for serums, eye creams + skincare that don't make my eyes water.  Faves: Coffee Bean cream, Vitamin C serum, Luminous primer + Overnight balm!

100% Pure


Obsessed with this botanical-based skincare line for 2+ decades.  Nadine is the LL skin goddess!  Best Skin Ever SeaBuckthorn is my fave. PRO TIP: avoid buying LL on Amazon!

Living Libations


My one stop shop for quality & professional grade supplements. For specific health concerns please work directly with Jennifer.  PRO TIP: skip Amazon for supplements!



Some people swear by Vita-Mix but I"ve been team K-Tec for almost 20 years.  Either way if you're serious about your health, invest in a high speed blender for all the things. 



This work horse blender has made my daily green juice for over 20 years so it's my kitch non-negotiable!  On my second one and the square blender jar means easier clean up!


Mindful secrets to feeling like a goddess

My tools of the trade

Food & More

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Sprout Living

Fody's (Fodmap)

Casa de Sante (fodmap)

Modify Health (Fodmap)

Splendid Spoon 

Eat Clean Bro

Trifecta Nutrition 

Food is the most intimate relationship we will every have!  In order to have a happy, joyful life, we have to learn how to tap into our {IBW} so we can crack our Unique Food Code™. 

Let's talk Food!

Lemme help you tap into your Intelligent Belly Wisdom & crack your Unique Food Code  !

Tired of the food struggle?


Make your low FODMAP diet easier with CdS products for optimal gut health. Everything from salsa + sauces to salad dressings + snack bars.  You won't feel deprived!

Case de Sante


Low FODMAP products without onions or garlic to make your fave meals during your lowFOD journey.  Monash certified for digestively-challenged peeps.  Stock up!



Chef-crafted low FODMAP meals approved by Monash University.  IBS-friendly, lowFOD meals made easy, delish and delivered. Code NUTRITIONATLANTA for $60 off 3-wk order.

Modify Health 


After destroying my natural nails with gel manis I was turned onto Static Nails. These reusable pop-on nails are FAB! Use the non-toxic, vegan liquid glass top coat too!

Static Nails 


I was dubious until I test drove the oil on a high stress day. Results: super chill mode to power through my workload without whack side effects.  Now I buy 2 at a time... LOVE!    

Lord Jones CBD Oil


My GVP experience elevator pitch: decades of intense therapy in a week & best personal investment!  Profound shifts in emotional, mental, psychological + spiritual health!

Genetic Voice Printing


My plant-based protein powder that agrees with my sensitive belly. Short list of healthy ingredients you can pronounce, recognize, + digest. Code NUTRITIONATLANTA =15% off

Sprout Living 


Goofy name, good food.  Everything from  Banana Chocolate chip pancakes (holla) to Cauliflower Crust Pizza.  Thumbs up from clients.  Code 5e443e for 10% off orders.

Eat Clean Bro


Boost your daily veggie + fruit intake the easy peasy way with 50+ delish, chef-crafted smoothies, soups, wellness shots, noodle + grain bowls, Vegan, GF, non-GMO, delivered.

Splendid Spoon 

More secrets to living like a goddess

MORE tools of the trade

The Ultimate Guide to Attraction Marketing
Social Selling

Label food as good or bad? Diets will do that! Join the Mindful + Intuitive Tribe {MIT} on a joyful path to food freedom. Start with our Top 8 SECRETS GuideMindful Monday series droppin' like it's hot each week to your inbox. Buh bye diets!

Top 8 SECRETS: Mindful + Intuitive Eating 

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by Virginia Sole-Smith. Thought provoking and perfect for liberating you from diet cultures obsession with thin-ness and "clean eating".  Helps neutralize food anxiety. 

The Eating Instinct


by Cara Harbstreet, RD. An Intuitive Eating workbook to divorce yourself from the toxic and world of dieting.  A "perfect companion for your diet-free journey to eating well."

Healthy Eating for Life


by Susan Albers.  A pioneer book on mindful eating from a psychologist vantage point.  Great if you like to read real-life stories of her clients and practical mindful research. 

Eat Mindfully


by Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN. End the diet torture and punishing deprivation cycles. Start nourishing yourself with real-life, practical strategies and body-positive tips.   

Body Kindness


by Caroline Dooner. Lighthearted read with nutrition science to boot.  Resonated with most concepts, not all.  Pro tip: provocative title -don't read in court or ya get stink eye!

The F*ck It Diet


And Love What You Eat by Michelle May, M.D.  I dove into the mindful eating concept with Michelle. I  am grateful for her wisdom, sound guidance, and practical advice.  

Eat What You Love...


A Mindful Guide to Transforming Your Relationship w/ Food, Body, & Life by Jenna Hollenstein. How to eat and love your body now using mindful techniques that work. 

Eat To Love: 


by Tribole & Resch.  If you're a client of mine this workbook is essential.  Insightful alone, it's a totally different journey to food peace when interpreted by a mindful pro!

{IE} Workbook


by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, LEGIT registered dietitians and the OG crew who created one of the biggest anti-diet trends of 2020! Pro tip: buy updated 4th edition.

Intuitive Eating {IE}

Books for a peaceful relationship with food