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ELEVATE: an 8-week, online support group designed to shift from struggling to thriving this holiday season. Prepare to get ELEVATED and put a mindful bow on 2020 as you roll into a successful 2021!

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your relationship with food

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Support your gut, hormones, & metabolism to find your natural size.

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Be able to nourish your body with energizing foods that feel good + taste good!

Recalibrate your relationship with food vs. being consumed by it all.the.time.

JUST imagine the holidays looking like...

The holiday season is rich with an abundance of food and treats but it can be overwhelming for many people.  Join us for the online ELEVATE Support Group to help you move through the holiday season feeling in charge of food choices instead of feeling out of control.  Each week we'll explore mindful + intuitive eating habits that will allow you to enjoy the holiday season while deleting overeating or binging eating behaviors and patterns that can lead you down the restrictive route to dieting 

Celebrate instead of stress during the holidays!

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Eating as an antidote to stress or boredom, whether or not I'm hungry, often eating until the point of being overfull (mostly in restaurants or social situations). The Challenge skills helped me understand my eating behavior drivers and stop them, while still enjoying food more than ever!  The mindful principles I adopted have enabled me to eat more healthfully and truly enjoy food on another level.  PS:  I did this challenge to develop a healthier relationship to food rather than to lose weight, but I did notice my clothes getting a lot bigger.  Wow, a big shift is I learned how to pay attention to my body and (most of the time) eat when I’m hungry, and stop before I am stuffed. 

I have struggled with sugar cravings for most of my life...

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After eating yet another entire pizza solo throughout an evening, I finally realized I always eat seconds and thirds, finish bottles of wine in a few days and this was not normal. It was difficult to admit to myself that I binge eat, regardless how normal it may be. I am so thankful for you Jennifer and this Challenge, it's counter-culture to dieting.  Eating what I want and listening to my body is liberating! I still have a long way to go, but it's sustainable - I can feel it.  I'm less scared to have things like pizza and ice cream hanging out in my house.  This is a BIG positive shift!  

It's less scary to have pizza and ice cream in the house!

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Shelly, CANADA

I didn't know what to expect getting into this Challenge.  You hear "mindfulness" and know the basics, however this journey with you Jennifer really opened my eyes.  Now I see my food triggers and I'm not afraid to dive deeper to the roots.  This challenge has given me a better connection to my body and my emotions when it comes to food.  It's comforting to know you share your journey.  Your empathy and compassion taught me to be much kinder to myself.  I have a greater appreciation for life all due to your transformational Challenge.  Thank you! 

I have a better connection to my body, food and emotions.

ELEVATE 8-week support group

turn your holiday struggles into success!

Learn how to tap into your body's innate ability to know what it needs instead of following a stringent diet. I strategically created this daily challenge to walk you through the process, step-by-step, to replace diet habits with mindful sustainable ones.  Science proves that mindfulness can end the toxic diet cycle and help you understand why you do what you do with food. #peace

Let's end the toxic cycle of restrict-overeat-repeat!

Delete food guilt or shame - feel in charge of food! 

End the food and body image obsession

Learn how to reconnect with your {IBW}

Practice foundational mindful skills

Join a group of like-minded peeps who are on the same path to food freedom and learning how to connect with their {IBW} .

Unbiased Support 

Watch fun daily videos to keep you accountable and on track for success during your mindful eating journey!

Daily Challenge Videos

Learn the science of how, what, why you eat, and how it's utilized so you have a better mind-body-belly connection.

The Food Science

Awareness will be your number ONE priority as you develop it into an effortless habit and then into a legit eating skill!

Daily Mindful Practices

What You'll experience




PEOPLE Using THE challenge for weight loss

Who this is not for...


WANT TO FEEL GOOD IN YOUR SKIN and have food peace


PEOPLE Sick oF TOXIC diet cycle: restrict-overeat-repeat

Who this is for...


November 16, 2020

ELEVATE 8-week Support Group 

Join us for the


This is totally for me, let's do it!

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This 30-Day Challenge has completely changed the way I eat and approach meals.  For the first time in ages, I sit down at a table with no distractions. I focus entirely on my meal and chew, savoring even the simplest food as if I was eating in a fancy restaurant.  I don't feel obliged to finish what's on my plate anymore.  I stop eating when my stomach tells me it's full and pack up any leftovers for my next meal.  By following the hunger cue learned in the Challenge, I feel more energetic and less stuffed after meals!  I feel like I recovered the full pleasure of eating, even for simple foods!

Now I feel energetic and less stuffed after meals!

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Aly, Midtown

Learning to be mindful during the Challenge has made me care about what I put in my body.  Before it was all about ease and taste.  Now it's about listening to what my body really wants and NEEDS.  I actually dropped 7 pounds in 2 weeks (Jennifer stresses that it's NOT a weight loss program) but I've just been thinking about how I eat a lot and have practiced and integrated every mindful eating challenge.  It's been a GAME CHANGER for me!

I probably have failed at EVERY diet under the sun!

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Lisa, East Point

Because I finally, finally have a sense of peace around food.  I can have tempting treats in my house without them calling my name. What a miracle!  I didn't think this could be possible after struggling on/off diets for forty years (ever since I was eight).  It's hard for me to realize that was my life for so long but I'm happy to feel like I'm getting on the other side of the food struggle now.  I wasn't really sure what mindfulness was and didn't think I was born with "intuitive wisdom".  But the challenges started to help me pinpoint habits that I created from the anxiety and emotional triggers that plagued me.  I've learn so much about myself and food during this Challenge!

The best give I've given myself is Jennifer's 30-Day Challenge!

Challenge Breakdown

Practice ONE powerful mindful eating habit for TWO days (day 1 and 2) before moving to a new habit.  We are laying down the groundwork for your new skills and discovering any mindless behaviors that are working against you, without judgment, guilt, or shame.  Get ready to dial into the habit we all fail at!

Foundational Flow

Week One


Learn the mindful habit that makes A BIG change in your food behaviors!  The table skill everyone fails at.  Identify head hunger vs. physical hunger with this key tip.  Understand why you've struggled in the past with these essential food patterns and habits!

Master Mindful Skills

Week Two


Learn big needle-movers and habits that work for or against you.  New mindful skills teach you that restriction = overeating/binging.  How to eat based on self-care, satisfaction, and honor your health + body needs. Create food freedom and a better relationship with your body! 

Rewrite Food Patterns 

Week Three


Now you understand why you do what you do with food!  Walk away with personal mindful eating guidelines that create a healthier approach towards food.  Identify old patterns then create new, sustainable behaviors that feel good to YOU.  Congratulations!  Now you are the expert of your body and won't want to diet ever again! 

Food Finish Line

Week Four+


Kathy, Maryland

Wow your challenge is spot on. The emotional eating info is me me me. Time to change for good!

Aly, Georgia

Being mindful has made me care about what I eat. Now it's all about what my body needs.

Crystal, California

I learned that how I eat is more important that what I eat, a valuable lesson for my busy life! 

 challenge success!

 To protect the privacy of challenge participants, their testimonials are used with stock photos.

I know where you are at right now.  For 20+ years I struggled with chronic dieting and body image issues.  It was ALL consuming.  I was stuck in miserable eating patterns: either on a restrictive, trendy diet or weekend binge + a side of guilt.  Honestly I didn't know there was a healthier approach!  This challenge is for you if you're ready to break free from being on & off diet plans and learn to trust that your body has all the answers.  YOU are the expert of your body and diets disconnect us from what I call your Intelligent Belly Wisdom {IBW}.  It's time to reunite with it.  The one power we have is the decision to change anything... so let's get started!

Hi there, I'm Jennifer —

The woman behind the TRANSFORMATIONAL 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge that has people talking!



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No matter how many diets you try (or fail), no matter how much weight you lose and gain back, no matter how many mistake you make, no matter how slow your progress feels, when you join the challenge you are WAY ahead of everyone who isn't trying.  Period.

I've tried everything...will this work for me?

You actually have sixty (60) days to do the 30-Day challenge, so if you're a Type A, you can do it twice for the same price.  I recognize that life can get busy, so I wanted to make sure that participants had a lil' extra wiggle room to make these life-changing habits stick!

How long do I have access to the Challenge?

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Your weight will fluctuate throughout life.  Every metabolism, body, and journey to food freedom varies.  You could lose, maintain, or gain weight.  This transformational challenge helps you divorce seductive diets, listen to your OWN body's wisdom, and notice your eating behaviors, beliefs and habits that you normally ignore. 

Can I lose weight during the Challenge?

I feel ya!  There are several options: our private challenge support community, the weekly Q&A video's, plus private, weekly virtual check-in's can be added to your Challenge experience for those who benefit from extra accountability and are serious about success.  

I need a lot of help, do offer extra support?

Mindful eating is a way to observe your personal habits in real time, replacing judgment or expectation with curiosity and acceptance.  It's a way to see your unconscious beliefs or behaviors to empower you to change if they feel unbalanced.  This helps you recognize the patterns you might want to change to feel more peace around food.

What is mindful eating?  GREAT question.

don't worry, we have the answers!

You Might have Some questions

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Working with Jennifer during the Challenge has changed my relationship with food!  I nourish my body and listen to what I truly need and want instead of grabbing for whatever is there or my usual go to food.  I don't judge my food choices or have to eat everything on my plate anymore.  I eat when I know I need to nourish my body when I'm hungry and eat what I want in moderation.  This is a BIG change.  Food is my friend, not my enemy.  I don't eat perfect mindfully; that's ok.  I'm continuing to learn.  Mindful eating skills are gifts that keep on giving and teaching as I go along this wonderful journey!  If I could sum up mindful eating in one word, it would be total food FREEDOM!

Life is way too short to be at war with food and your body!

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This challenge made me cognizant of what is going on before I eat.  I have to clear my mind, focus in on the food, intentionally eat mindfully, and concentrate on incorporating my personal mindful eating guidelines. I’m more appreciative for what my body goes through each day and having more gratitude for the food I eat and it’s role in my health, energy, and vitality!!!

Diets fail because they take away our favorite food!

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You might be surprised how often Pinot Noir shows up on my balanced lifestyle without guilt. even recommended that I enjoy regular ice cream with my kids!  Jennifer’s method is fundamental...cultivate mindful eating skills, balance the food quality, and results should follow. I feel very fortunate to be advised by her and highly recommend her Mindful Challenge!

I have finally learned how to find balance in my diet!

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Allen, New York

Being able to distinguish between foods that don't feel good is helping me eat "healthier" ones now.

Ilana, New Orleans

I'm listening to thoughts around fullness and what I really want.  I never used to do that.

Lenzie, New York

My digestion is better and I have ZERO guilt when I eat bread.  This is HUGE!

MORE success stories!

 To protect the privacy of challenge participants, their testimonials are used with stock photos.

Are you ready for food freedom?