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Please cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance so another client can use your time slot.


OPTIONAL: track your food on Healthie using pictures OR use MyFitnessPal for us to review unless it causes anxiety or stress!

Review Intake or Food Journal

Your personal HEALTH PLAN will be added to your documents folder within 24-48 business hours of your initial appointment.

Your Health Plan Playbook

As we go into more depth about your health, lifestyle and wellness goals it's a good idea to have Qs' ready and take notes!

Ask Questions/Take Notes

Initial appointment

Upload recent lab work into the DOCUMENTS folder in Healthie prior to your appointment OR bring to the office appointment. 

Complete intake forms at least 24 hours before our appointment so that I can review your information the day before.  Then we can be efficient during your scheduled time.

If you need to take a break, scroll to the BOTTOM of the health form and hit SAVE, allowing you to edit your profile at a later time. If you don't do this, what you entered will be DELETED.

Click the Step ONE pink box (below) to fill out THREE intake forms on Healthie: a Health & Wellness Form, Informed Consent, and HIPPA Agreement at least 24-hours prior to our appointment. Due to HIPPA requirements you will be logged out of the Health & Wellness form after 15 minutes of inactivity without saving what you have entered.  So....




*Appointment Prep Tips*

Important Information 

If you have met your deductible and are covered for my nutrition services, you pay your copay.  If you have not met your deductible and my services are covered by insurance then you pay for appointments until you've met your deductible (just like car insurance).  Accepted forms of payment:  HSA or FSA card, Venmo, check, credit cards or Cash App.  

How do payments work? 

Here's the catch, as a dietitian, I CANNOT DIAGNOSE. Your insurance might not require a referral, legally I can't diagnose your condition, so I will need a faxed referral from your provider if you have a medical condition (diabetes, hypertension, etc) eating disorder or disordered eating behavior. See fax information on next question. 

My insurance says I don't need a referral*

Your insurance coverage and patient payment responsibility has to be verified BEFORE we schedule your appointment. Clients who are in-network please do the following in Healthie: 
• upload a front & back copy of insurance card in Documents folder
• complete intake forms with date of birth and name on insurance
• Insurance verification can take 45-60 minutes; I do this on Friday

Important information about insurance verification

Please have your PCP or doctor fax your referral with the diagnostic code(s) to me with any pertinent recent notes or labs to:
Jennifer Hnat, RDN
Nutrition Atlanta
FAX: 844-308-8871

I have a referral from my doctor.

To find out call the phone number listed on the back of your insurance card and document the time, date, and person you spoke with. The questions below will help you gather key information:
• I was diagnosed with XXX (ie: diabetes, hypertension, PCOS), will that be covered?
• OR Does my plan cover medical nutrition  therapy or counseling as a preventive benefit (CPT code 97802 for initial  and CPT code 97803 for follow up appointments).
• Do I need a referral? If yes, does it need to be from my primary care provider (PCP) or can any doctor refer? (*please see below)
• How many visits will you cover and over what period of time?
• Do I have a deductible and have I met my deductible?
• Will there be a co-pay?

What does my insurance cover?

My ultimate goal is to provide you with exceptional service to help you achieve your health and wellness aspirations. Currently I am in United Health Care and Aetna networks.

Insurance FAQ's

STEP FOUR: Upload any important lab work + front/back of insurance card (if using) to Documents Folder 

STEP THREE: Save 25-30 minutes to fill out forms and review important *PREP TIPS* above!

STEP TWO: Write down and/or save your log in PASSWORD!!!

STEP ONE:  Click this box to fill out new client intake forms ideally on a computer or laptop.

Review ALL steps before filling out intake form.

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STEP SIX:  If paying out of pocket or if insurance is verified, please schedule appointment on calendar.

STEP SIX:  If paying out of pocket or if insurance is verified, please schedule appointment on calendar.

STEP FOUR:  If using insurance it must be verified before making an appointment. See FAQ's above.

STEP FIVE:  If using insurance it must be verified before making an appointment. See FAQ's above.

suggested supplements {per labs}

lab work {if necessary}

personalized health plan

in office or virtual

one-on-one session

During your in depth appointment Jennifer provides personalized, evidence-based nutrition therapy to improve your health, educate you on macronutrient needs for disease management, increase energy levels, enhance your mental/physical performance, and end your struggle with food by utilizing a mindful and intentional eating approach.  You achieve your goals through easy shifts in food and lifestyle habits.  Working with Jennifer can provide the accountability, education, motivation, and support you need for easy, successful, sustainable results!

75 minutes - $195

Initial consultation

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