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My Love of Leftovers



Upbeet Macro Bowl part deux

Upbeet Macro Bowl part deux

I love leftovers.  I mean, love.  They make a quick meal without much planning or thought and come together for me in less than 5 minutes.  Maybe six, tops.

Problem is, my other half is not/Hnat a big fan.

Regardless, when I dine out, my secret is to over-order and take home the extra to repurpose.  Sometimes I just eat as is, or create a new meal.  In the case of Upbeet, all I had to do is add a lil’ more lettuce, a teeny amount of dressing and doctor up the top with micro sprouts from one of my all-time favorite local farms Woodland Gardens Organics (Farmer boss Celia is back BTW, yahoo!).  

Not to go too far down the micro sprout rabbit hole but I usually purchase 2 containers of their plant-protein sprouts and add to salads, wraps, and anything else that could use a fancy topping.  To me, they are like sprinkles on a cupcake and definitely add that special touch to a beautiful salad for a family or friend gathering. Ok, perhaps comparing sprouts to sprinkles is a bit much but ya get my point!

Even though I promised myself that I would try every bowl and salad on the Upbeet menu, I default to my usual Macro Bowl. Why? Well, it never fails me in the OMG this is the BEST thing ever category and um, do I need another reason?  So while I’m in line, we get up to the counter to order and I’m suddenly not wanting to explore other options. My Macro Bowl never fails me – quinoa and kale, sub edamame for lentils, roasted Brussels, sweet taters, and cauli (I usually add more B sprouts or sub with beets), walnuts, miso ginger dressing and added a piece of sustainable steelhead trout.  I could tell my body needed some viable protein (I’m really heavy plant-based cuz’ that’s just what feels good) and the brain could always use some omega-3’s.

Nutrition Atlanta Macro Bowl + Cucumber/Lime/Mint cooler

Nutrition Atlanta Macro Bowl + Cucumber/Lime/Mint cooler

I won’t lie.  I wanted to eat the entire bowl.  And the first time I dined here, I did indeed.  But that was because I decided to avoid practicing my mindful eating skills.  It happens. No judgment. You learn and move on.

This time I ate roughly half, perhaps a couple bites more.  I stopped just when my tummy started to feel a bit tight. Reality is the textures, taste and everything was just so good I really didn’t want to stop eating!  Anyone feel me when you’re at Upbeet? I mean, when you get a really really good bowl, it’s challenging to find that sweet spot of when to say when (unless of course you’ve done my 30-Day Mindful Eating Challenge but you can read more on that).

Today my goal was to eat just enough to feel content and then enjoy another meal, round 2, at dinner.  And let me tell you… my future self was so grateful.  Like, totally high-fiving myself come nighttime when I got the usual text “whatchu feeling like for din-din?” and I already had a plan for leftovers. When I brought this single-serving to the table, Timmy said “wow, THAT looks good!”  I suddenly felt guilty for not sharing, but that quickly passed (okay, I gave him some bites).  

So here’s what dinner looked like:

Leftovers never tasted so good!

Leftovers never tasted so good!

Yup, pretty easy. Took less than 5 minutes to add in some fresh lettuce, dump the leftovers into my huge salad bowl, and top with the magic micro sprouts (they look like kohl rabi).  

So this, my healthy tribe, is why I luv leftovers. Healthy eating in a snap. My dream is that Upbeet will open in Midtown, ideally in the Trader Joe’s center on Monroe. I can guarantee that we’d be there, with my neighborhood, on the daily.  

Dreams DO come true…… I mean I’ve made magic happen in my life so I will still keep prayin’ that Eric decides to open Upbeet #2 by me. 


healthy hugs and xx















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