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My latest obsession…fermented BLACK garlic!



My followers on the “gram” were really curious about what this was!

My followers on the “gram” were really curious about what this was!

HOLY MOLY black garlic is my JAM! I think I may have just found my new 2020 favorite health food…

If you haven’t be properly intro’d to this sweet version of garlic that lacks the pungent odor of the regular stuff let me be the one who does.

I am so grateful to SP, my lovely client who gifted me a bag of black garlic for the holidays and I’m officially and passionately hooked!

Black garlic started to trend back in 2016 (yikes I’m behind the times) and while it might seem overpriced, I can promise you that it’s well worth the purchase. This black version tastes like a sweet, sticky umami flavored garlic bomb. But WAY better than anything you’ve ever had.

So here’s some background on this unique way to boost your antioxidant intake… the magic is in those antioxidants:

  • regularly consumed in Asia, especially Japan, Thailand and South Korea – creates that sweet/savory umami flavor

  • this regular, fresh garlic that has undergone fermentation, breaking down enzymes resulting in the proteins transforming into amino acids and the carbohydrates into simple sugars – which MIGHT (this is my thought since it’s broken down into simple sugars…) might make it easier for FODMAP clients to enjoy it if they don’t digest garlic well since regular garlic can be difficult to breakdown (causing gas, bloating, and other fun GI issues).

  • MORE antioxidants! High S-allylcysteine levels compared to fresh garlic

  • garlic is a well-known liver-friendly food with hepato-protective properties (hepato= liver) that might help decrease the oxidative damage caused by cocktails…. black garlic martini anyone? JK.

  • fermented black garlic was found to boost natural killer cells in the body which may destroy tumor cells

  • those magical antioxidants in black garlic could have anticancer properties decreasing gastric/stomach cancer tumors

  • black garlic may help regulate elevated cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels that are a result of a high fat diet

Truth be told, I read about the liver-friendly properties of garlic while in college at UGA. That got my head spinning. So I started experimenting with garlic pills before, during and after nights out in Athens to see if it would decrease the not so pleasant side effects of booze. Particularly nickel night at O-Malley’s.

Turns out my experiment was beneficial and significantly decreased my hang-overs. Don’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing, I deserved to feel the toxic effects of my poor choices. But that was then and I’m more mindful of my alcohol intake (a big night for me is 2 glasses of champagne and during the holidays 2 glasses of really good red wine gave me a hangover, boo).

Now I’m a big fan of both Party Smart and Liver Care by Himalaya Herbs especially since they have research to back their claims and many clients swear by both of these supplements to decrease the side effects of a fun night out.

But I’m so very into using food as medicine and the fermentation process 10x’s all the good stuff (which is why I’m so down with eating fermented foods… loaded with good probiotics/belly food).

I’m sure peeps in the culinary world are well aware of the yumminess of black garlic but I can’t help but wonder why I am just NOW being turned onto how AMAZING it is. I mean I’ve heard of it, but no one sold me on it and I haven’t seen it on any restaurant menus. At all.

And I’m here to tell you that you would be doing yourself a flavor disservice if you did NOT try this incredible way to enjoy garlic. I mean, how many black foods do you get to eat?

Anyway, here’s an easy vegan way to enjoy this culinary treat! For those who can tolerate dairy, you can make it with butter (I’d suggest a good quality, grass-fed butter like Kerry Gold at Trader Joes, Target, Whole Foods or I googled it and it’s at Walmart too).

Black garlic is my everything. It 10x’s a simple piece of bread but I’d suggest La Calavera or Star Provisions artisan breads!

Black garlic is my everything. It 10x’s a simple piece of bread but I’d suggest La Calavera or Star Provisions artisan breads!

Whipped Black Garlic Coconut Oil with Unicorn Sea Salt


1/2 cup or 100 grams of coconut oil, in solid form, not melted (THIS is what I order every 3 months)

4-5 cloves black garlic, peeled, finely chopped and mashed

Unicorn sea salt or salt flakes (I love Maldon) *


  1. Cut coconut oil into chunks and press into the measuring cup.

  2. Add coconut oil and garlic cloves to food processor and whip until distributed.

  3. Sprinkle with salt of choice and enjoy on toast or my favorite Fully Loaded Avocado Toast!

*I purchased the Unicorn salt from Sugarboo at Ponce City Market or you can purchase at William Sonoma (don’t pay $40 on Amazon! That’s crazy!!!)





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