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Can intuitive eating help you lose weight, stop binge eating, and is it healthy? Learn more.

Will I gain weight with Intuitive Eating?



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Thin Privilege... WTH?


Goji Dusted Chocolate Fudge Brownie Truffles


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We are dedicated to helping you divorce yourself from diets and learn how to listen to your Intelligent Belly Wisdom™ {IBW} to crack your Unique Food Code™!

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First thing’s first: we need fat in our diets.

Thankfully long gone is the fat-fearing diet days of the past with low-fat and fat-free products! Fats are essential for long-term energy, cell growth and communication, organ protection, insulation for your body, nutrient absorption, and hormone production.

So yes, your body definitely requires good fats.

There are numerous diets out there that are either at one extreme of the “fat spectrum” or the other. For example

Getting back to basics: FAT



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Hey y’all! My name is Harley Cobb and I’m a rising junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Dietetics. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC (the Queen City!) where I also became a 200-Hour RYS certified yoga instructor last summer.

This summer, I will be Jennifer’s “sidekick” in all things mindful and intuitive eating with Nutrition Atlanta!

Meet my new summer intern, Harley!



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self care

Perfection is this unsustainable goal that can be toxic during a diet. It does not last long and can lead to negative mental chatter and falling off the diet wagon.

Dieting is not normal – or sustainable. But in todays world you would think that dieting is totally normal. The problem is that dieting and restriction is a swift gateway to binge-y like behaviors.

Dont believe me? Google Minnesota Starvation project or….

Why I Let Go of the Chronic Need to be PERFECT



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self care

You might have heard this term on a podcast lately claiming that it doesn’t exist. Or perhaps someone is talking about their experience/struggle with thin privilege and you’re wondering what the heck it is.

Essentially it means having a “thin” enough body, without much work or effort on your part, so that you are not discriminated against or weight shamed by your family, physician, friends, or society.

I grew up with…

What is THIN privilege?



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O.MG. These are everything.

If you love ooey-gooey chocolate brownie treats, I promise these are worth making. You probably have the ingredients in your house right now. Go ahead and check, I’ll be waiting for you…everything.

If you love ooey-gooey chocolate brownie treats, I promise these are worth making. You probably have…

Goji Dusted Chocolate Fudge Brownie Truffles



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self care

I’ve become a home-body this winter. Actually every winter season I tend to hibernate like a bear, resting and storing up energy for a productive spring and summer. Lately I’ve been nose-deep in several mindful + intuitive books as I prep for my big lecture at the Annual Conference and Expo (ACE) for the dietitians of GA. Big BIG honor and super excited!

So let me loop back around to why I’ve been hibernating because it all kinda ties in together. At least in my head it does.

Winter + TV + Taylor Swift.

I know, I know super odd combo…. The mindful-eating body-positivity inspo hit while watching TS and her personal diet/body dysmorphia. I was impressed with her vulnerability. She still struggles and works on it constantly to find…

Winter + TV + Taylor Swift



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This blog post is about four years overdue. Even as I write this, I am staring down at my navy elephant leggings and have experienced several signs pointing me in this direction. It feels really good to finally move forward with this energy and intention that has been locked inside my heart for awhile.

Here we go…

Let me first say I’m a HUGE animal lover and the first show I saw on animal cruelty really woke me up and expanded my consciousness on a fundamental level. After watching a 20/20 undercover story in a chicken coop displaying the cruel and abusive treatment, I immediately lost my appetite for…

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Rescue Awareness



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One day during our counseling class, Jennifer came in and gave us a presentation on mindful + intuitive eating and how she integrates it into her private practice.

I. Was. Blown. Away.

I knew immediately I wanted to intern (rotate) with her. I talked to my advisor about it and she set everything up. I was thrilled. I mean private practice AND intuitive/mindful eating?? What could be more up my alley….

Intern Experience with Nutrition Atlanta



and relationship with food + your body